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From Brunch to Feast: 70+ Easter Recipes For Indulgent Holidays

From Brunch to Feast: 70+ Easter Recipes For Indulgent Holidays

Break the fast and enjoy the weekend

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Jing Yue Lok

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

Easter is just around the corner, as you've probably already noticed, thanks to supermarket displays filled with Easter candy and decorations. It's also a celebration that gives us all a long weekend - plenty of time to unwind with a hearty feast (or several). Whether you're celebrating the breaking of the fast and the resurrection of Jesus, the Easter Bunny, or just the extended weekend, there's definitely a lot of feasting going on during the Easter holidays.To help you facilitate, I've compiled a list of recipes that you can easily adapt for your needs from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday.

Recipes for the Easter holidays

Everyone celebrates holidays differently. Even if you don't celebrate Easter out of faith or tradition, maybe the original traditions can give you some inspiration on how to feast your way through the holidays. So here are the traditional as well as simple and quick recipes that you can enjoy with family and friends on any occasion (or even without). From the classic lamb, the buttery Easter plait to indispensable egg dishes.

Go all in for Easter brunch!

It can only be a good day if it starts with an extensive brunch. The diverse selection between sweet and savory dishes always makes my heart beat faster. Especially those (but not only!) who are able to break their fast after 40 long days will definitely want to celebrate it properly. In addition to the indispensable buttery Easter plait (my personal favorite–anyone else team raisins?), I'd like to share with you a few decadently delicious ideas for the perfect brunch table. Here's how to celebrate not only the end of Lent, but also the long (and hopefully) sunny Easter weekend.

Braided Easter bread with pistachio and cranberry filling

Braided Easter bread with pistachio and cranberry filling

Hot cross buns
Breakfast carrot cake muffins
Make sticky cinnamon buns with Ruby
Swirled jam pancake bake
Glazed Easter ham
Pancake tacos with candied bacon and scrambled eggs
Sweet potato fritters with guacamole and poached egg
Green spinach shakshuka with white beans
Pesto egg bagel sandwich
Omelett wrap with salmon and rucola
Gruyère and black pepper popovers
Savory Dutch baby with smoked salmon and horseradish
Easy colorful carrot tart with ricotta

Recipes for Easter menu: from traditional to simple and fast

What happens after the Easter brunch? More food, of course! The feasting usually doesn't stop in the afternoon, but continues into the evening hours. A valuable tip to make sure you have enough time to spend with your guests: Try to prepare as much as possible the day before, as is traditionally done on Holy Saturday. But even if you are short on time or just want to serve a simple dinner for the day, the curated selection below will come in handy:

(Traditional) Main dishes for the Easter feast:

Roast lamb with mint sauce

Roast lamb with mint sauce

​​Grilled racks of lamb with green beans and onion purée
Lamb and pork gyros with tzatziki
Braised rabbit with mustard tarragon sauce and bread dumplings
Königsberger Klopse (German meatballs in cream and caper sauce)
Meatloaf with boiled potatoes
Simple roasted chicken with spring vegetables
Spring vegetable quiche with potatoes and peas
Tagliatelle with salmon spinach-cream sauce

And tasty side dishes:

Sheet pan spring vegetables with miso-tahini sauce

Sheet pan spring vegetables with miso-tahini sauce

Creamy potato salad with mayonnaise
Pesto potato salad
The best crispy roast potatoes
Easy homemade flatbreads with burst cherry tomatoes
Cobb salad
Crispy bread salad with chicken and radicchio
Roasted garlic bread

Simple, quick and stress-free recipes:

Potato pickle soup with leek and dill

Potato pickle soup with leek and dill

Hash brown pizza with baconParmesan polenta with asparagus and broccoli
Roast salmon salad with chickpeas and tomatoes
Frittata di pasta (crispy leftover pasta omelette)
Pasta primavera
5-ingredient oven-roasted chicken thighs with red peppers
Crispy smashed potatoes with creamed spinach
Pea soup with smoked trout and mint
One-pot creamy tortellini soup

Pastries for coffee hour

In addition to the dinner preparations, there is also a lot of baking that takes place during Easter, especially on Holy Saturday, to ensure that the coffee table is set for the next day. Classics such as carrot cake, cheese cake, pretty Easter cakes or cookies are a must.

Eric makes brown butter chocolate chip cookies

Eric makes brown butter chocolate chip cookies

Tahini miso cookies
Carrot cake
Basque burnt cheesecake
Rhubarb meringue cake
Classic lemon meringue pie
Raspberry and pistachio cream puffs
Tiramisu layer cake
Sticky pecan buns

To the eggs: ready, set, go!

What is one item of food that comes to your mind when you think about Easter? Of course, Easter eggs! From hard-boiled to poached, eggs are incredibly versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes in a variety of ways. My tip: Thanks to these different kitchen helpers, the preparation as well as the enjoyment of eggs becomes even more varied, and with this article, beautifully colorful, too.

Our favorite egg dishes:

Eierlikör (Traditional German egg liqueur)

Eierlikör (Traditional German egg liqueur)

Bacon and egg muffins
Korean marinated eggs (Mayak eggs) with rice
Tamago sando (Japanese egg salad sandwich)
Tomato and egg noodle soup
Chinese sweet and sour omelette
Çilbir (Turkish poached egg with yogurt)
Eggs Florentine
Scotch eggs
Deviled eggs
Prosciutto-wrapped green asparagus with jammy eggs and basil mayo
– Indian-style egg curry (egg masala) (NEW on 04/10)

Vegetarian and vegan Easter recipes

For those who do not eat animal products (or feel like they want to do without them for this occasion): An Easter feast is also possible vegetarian and vegan. The focus just shifts from the eggs to the equally delicious and seasonal spring produce.

Cheesy spätzle soup with leeks

Cheesy spätzle soup with leeks

Vegan cabbage rolls with onion gravy and potatoes
Orzo salad with harissa-roasted pumpkin and Brussels sprouts
One-pot vegetarian lasagne
Mushroom pad kra pao (vegan Thai basil stir-fry)
Vegan Larb Tofu
Vegan French toast with caramelized bananas
Cranberry pistachio biscotti with jam
The easiest vegan chia seed banana bread
Vegan lemon olive oil loaf cake

And which dishes will end up on your Easter table? Tell me below in the comments!

Published on April 1, 2023

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