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Vegetarian Grilling: Tips and Recipes for the Hottest Veggie BBQ Party

Vegetarian Grilling: Tips and Recipes for the Hottest Veggie BBQ Party

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Carolin Roitzheim

Carolin Roitzheim

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

As a vegetarian at the barbecue, are you tired of nursing the same old vegetable skewers? Sick of filling up on bread and dips, potato and pasta salad? Or have you invited vegetarian guests but you’re unsure what to offer?

If you’ve said yes to any of the above, welcome: we’re here to show you creative, filling, and above all, tasty options for vegetarian grilling.

The classics: Veggies & co.

Usually relegated to the side dish bench, it’s time for their moment in the spotlight. When in season and properly spiced, veggies like potatoes and mushrooms, or even fruit, can become stars of the summer grill. Here’s how:

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables don’t need to be boring. Quite the opposite in fact! The grill imparts wonderful roasted flavors, emphasizing the true flavor of the vegetable, especially when helped along by the right seasonings. Read on to find out exactly how to season your veggies for the ultimate flavor bomb (with a little help from our Veggie Wunder spice blend, for example).

The easiest way to perfectly spiced vegetables:

Veggie Wunder seasoning

Veggie Wunder seasoning

from Kitchen Stories

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Grilled vegetables with roasted garlic butter

Grilled vegetables with roasted garlic butter

– Eggplant
– Zucchini, e.g. Grilled zucchini and spring onions with hazelnut gremolata
– Bell peppers
– Carrots
– Onions
– Leeks
– Tomatoes
– Corn, e.g. Grilled corn with miso butter
– Fennel
– Cauliflower
– Broccoli, e.g. 5-ingredient roasted broccoli with hoisin glaze
– Salad, e.g. Grilled Caesar Salad made vegetarian with miso paste instead of anchovies and Worcester sauce

Preparation tip: Grill your vegetables whole, sliced, diced as mixed skewers or wrapped in foil.

Grilled (sweet) potatoes

– Sweet potatoes

Preparation tip: Pre-boil your potatoes and sweet potatoes for quicker, simpler grilling.

Serving tip: Spice up whole-baked potatoes and sweet potatoes with dips and salad for a simple, yet delicious, Baked Potato.

Grilled Mushrooms

You already know that mushrooms are one of our favorite meat alternatives, as evidenced by our growing catalog of recipes. And these fascinating plants work brilliantly on the grill too! Whether stuffed, in a burger or threaded onto a skewer, they become a real umami bomb when barbecued.

Oyster mushroom satay with spicy peanut sauce

Oyster mushroom satay with spicy peanut sauce

– Button mushrooms, e.g. Stuffed mushrooms
– Portobello, e.g. Portobello burger with mozzarella and pesto
– Oyster mushrooms 
– Herbed mushrooms

Preparation tip: If you don't give back the moisture lost on the grill, your mushrooms can quickly become dry. An oil-based marinade will help lock in the moisture, or brush them with a little oil while on the grill.

Newcomer on the grill: Grilled fruit

Grilled fruit has plenty of flavor potential. The smoky aroma pairs well with the sweetness of the fruit and offers a sophisticated balance of flavors. It can be a practical way to prepare dessert directly on the grill (e.g. with vanilla ice cream), or in a delicious savory combination (e.g. with cheese or in a salad).

3-ingredient roasted peaches with honey whipped cream

3-ingredient roasted peaches with honey whipped cream

– Peaches, nectarines, and apricots, e.g. summer salad with grilled peaches and zucchini
Pineapples, e.g. pineapple shrimp skewers or grilled sweet and sour pork skewers with tofu instead of shrimp or pork
– Melons, e.g. grilled watermelon salad with peaches
– Figs
– Apples and pears
– Bananas, e.g. grilled banana with chocolate
Selection tip: Firmer fruits are better suited for grilling, as the flesh does not become mushy as quickly.

Vegetarian meat alternatives

If you're still looking for meat alternatives besides salads and vegetables, you'll want to experiment with tofu, grilled cheese or specialty vegetarian grilling products. Follow these seasoning and preparation tips to get the best flavor out of them.

From veggie sausages to seitan steak

Vegetarian sausages, steaks and patties are now very similar to their meat counterparts in consistency and taste. They can therefore be seasoned like any other "real" meat for the perfect finish. In most supermarkets you can find a wide range of meat alternatives for vegetarian grilling, e.g. from soy, pea protein, wheat, lupins, or jackfruit.

The finishing touch for meat and vegetarian grilling alike:

Meat Lover seasoning

Meat Lover seasoning

from Kitchen Stories

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Preparation tip: Meat substitutes usually cook faster! Be sure to grill them only on low heat, otherwise they may burn quickly on the outside or dry-out on the inside.

Grilled tofu

If you thought tofu was an unimaginative, bland meat alternative, we’re here to change your mind! With the right preparation and seasoning, it becomes an equally, if not more, sumptuous ingredient for grilling. The secret: a flavorful marinade and enough time for the flavors to permeate the entire block.

Preparation tip: Firm tofu takes much better to grilling. Use extra firm tofu and squeeze it to remove excess liquid. This allows it to absorb marinades better.
The marinades can be adapted to your preferences - with Mediterranean herbs, curry or garlic, ginger, and soy sauce as in these tofu satay skewers. Or simply add a pinch of your favorite tofu spice mix.
And remember, since tofu contains little fat, be sure to oil your tofu, the grill or the tray well beforehand.

Still unsure about your tofu game plan? We’ve compiled everything you need to know about this versatile soy product here.

The soyblock on the grill will never taste bland with a pinch:

Tofu Lover seasoning

Tofu Lover seasoning

from Kitchen Stories

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Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside: Grilled cheese

In addition to all these delicious and varied options for a vegetarian barbecue, there is one that particularly delivers on melt-in-your-mouth perfection: grilled cheese. During grill season, you'll find halloumi, feta, and even special grilled cheese products in many supermarkets. However, conventional cheeses can also find their way onto your grill.

Grilled halloumi and zucchini skewers

Grilled halloumi and zucchini skewers

– Halloumi, e.g. halloumi burger or Grilled halloumi and vegetables with Lebanese garlic sauce
– Manouri
– Paneer
– Camembert, e.g. grilled camembert or 5-ingredient crispy camembert
– Goat cheese wheels
– Feta

Selection tip: Cheeses with a high melting point are particularly well suited to grilling: they get nice and crispy on the outside and take on a smoky layer, while remaining soft on the inside. *Beware that not every type of cheese is vegetarian.

Stand out from the crowd: Creative side dishes for vegetarian grilling

As a vegetarian, you can be thankful that you no longer need to rely solely on side dishes to get your fill. Nevertheless, these BBQ accompaniments are among our favourites and are not to be left out!
You can also browse our extensive collection of 80+ side dishes for your next grill and outdoor dining.

Dips, butter & bread: Indispensable grill sidekicks

Unusual and creative doesn't have to be complicated! How about a simple, fresh ciabatta that practically bakes itself (without kneading!) with a colorful selection of next-level butters and dips?

No-knead ciabatta

No-knead ciabatta

Homemade tomato butter with Parmesan
Homemade herb butter with spinach
Spinach artichoke dip
White beans and fennel dip
Muhammara (Middle Eastern walnut and roasted bell pepper dip)

Summer salads with grilled ingredients

Want more variety? These grilled salads go perfectly with everything you'd find on your grill. Thanks to new flavor combinations and exciting dressings, they bring a breath of fresh air and are guaranteed to win-over your BBQ guests.

Roasted potato salad with baba ganoush dressing

Roasted potato salad with baba ganoush dressing

Pesto potato salad
Tangy marinated lentil salad with feta
Summer pasta salad with zucchini
Gnocchi pesto salad with snap peas
TikTok's viral vegan green goddess salad
Quinoa, corn, and avocado salad
5-ingredient panzanella with nectarines and halloumi

You can find more salad recipes here as well as inspiration for the fastest way to whip up delicious salad dressings, e.g. with our own salad seasoning.

The secret pinch for the flavorful salad finish:

Dressing Up seasoning

Dressing Up seasoning

from Kitchen Stories

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The right seasoning makes the (grill) world go round
Vegetarian barbecue doesn't have to be bland or monotonous. Once you've decided what to throw on your barbecue, the right seasoning is key to maximising your grill experience.
To help, we’ve paired the perfect spice mixes for grilling in our grill party spice set. While you’re at it, get to know our other exciting spice blends and sets that offer competitive pricing in our store:
Have a look now!

Get your grill ready! What are you going to put on yours for your next vegetarian BBQ? Let us know in the comments!

Published on June 30, 2023

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