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Potato Recipes

Potatoes are undoubtedly one of the most popular ingredients in many kitchens. Whether as chips, mashed or oven-roasted with rosemary, there's a potato dish for every taste. Inexpensive and versatile, they can be prepared easily and will keep you full for hours. Whether as a side dish, main course or in soups and salads - the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer something classic or creative: you'll find a wide variety of potato recipes here.

Potato salad: a classic for every occasion

The absolute classic that no celebration or barbecue party should be without. It can be prepared in different variations and is always a delight. Whether with mayonnaise, tahini dressing, pesto or a vinegar and oil marinade, potato salad is always the perfect side dish.

It can also be refined with fresh herbs, crunchy vegetables or savory bacon. The choice of potato variety (waxy is best!) plays an important role here, as it influences the consistency and texture of the salad. Vegan potato salad, classic potato salad, potato salad without mayonnaise or with - you can cook your way through all the potato salad recipes, feast and find your favorite.

Potato soup: traditional or with a twist?

On cold days, a steaming bowl of potato soup is a real treat. Whether as a starter or main course, it promises a creamy consistency and a hearty taste. Potato soup is usually made with floury potatoes, which break down during cooking and thicken the soup.

In addition to creamy and classic potato soup with Vienna sausages, our selection of potato soup recipes also includes a few twists, such as potato soup with dill and gherkins. It's tangy and aromatic and a sure winner if you're feeling like something new or different.

Potato gratin: the perfect combination of crispy and creamy

Potato gratin is a dish that can be found in many variations and in numerous cuisines around the world. Here, fine potato slices meet a creamy sauce and are baked in the oven to create a golden-brown delicacy. Waxy potatoes are most suitable for potato gratin, as they keep their shape and keep their texture when baked. Whether topped with cheese, finished with garlic or rounded off with cream - the potato gratin recipe is a treat for the whole family. Use colorful potatoes for an extra eye-catching potato gratin.

When cooking with potatoes, it is important to choose the right variety to achieve the desired result. In short, waxy potatoes keep their shape when cooked and have a less floury texture. They are perfect for salads, roast potatoes or as a side dish with meat dishes. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, tend to fall apart when cooked and have a creamy, floury texture. They are ideal for mashed potatoes, soups or casseroles, as they absorb the liquid well and ensure a creamy consistency.

We have written several stories with tips and recipe collections, as well as kitchen tips on cooking potatoes.

Here you can find our overview of the best potato recipes.


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