What to Eat and Drink with Pizza

What to Eat and Drink with Pizza

Drinks, sides, desserts—we've got the whole menu!

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When it comes to serving, eating, and ordering pizza, it’s clear that it’s the star; the center of the table’s attention. Of course the things served alongside it still do play an important role, even if it’s no more than a simple, light salad to nibble between slices or a little something sweet to round out the meal. For me, a refreshing drink is a must have. It can take shape as an aperitif that I extend (or refill) right on through the main course (pizza, lest you’ve forgotten); a Garibaldi, for example, or an ice-cold beer. For my colleagues, the story of refreshment with their pizza is a little bit different.

Our favorite things to drink with pizza

Luise, Senior Partnership Manager

"My favorite thing to drink is either a classic Coke or ice cold Italian beer, Moretti for example!"

Ruby, Senior Food Editor

“I have very fond memories of enjoying a Margherita pizza outside in the Italian heat with an ice cold Peroni. Plus wine, a vino della casa, by the litre when out, but when in, any wine by Enderle & Moll, who I’m a little obsessed with ,and I think make great ‘pizzy’ wines. The Weis & Grau is a glorious, affordable skin contact white (orange?) that goes super nice with cheezy pizza like the cacio e pepe, wink. For everything else I LOVE their Spätburgunder Rosé, it’s super fun, summery and juicy. For after: Negroni! Limoncello! Amaro Nonino—neat or dashed in an espresso to make a caffè corretto’! ”

Sebastian, Head of Arts

“Okay, this is my favorite subject. An ice-cold Coca-Cola, served with ice cubes and a slice of lemon. There might not be a better drink, and it instantly feels like you’re on holiday with your family. A lightly chilled juicy, natural red wine. Something like a pinot noir, gamay, or poulsard. Rosé or a red pet nat, for example Frauenpower from Vin de la gamba or from Brand bro’s. Lambrusco would also be a good alternative. Aperol spritz or an Americano (campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water). Also very much agree with the ice-cold italian lager.”

Jennifer, Intern Project Management

"My choice is usually Lambrusco, a sweet red wine, but a good one, mind you! Not the super cheap stuff. Just because it’s good quality doesn't mean it has to be expensive." 

Philipp, Senior Marketing Manager

"I tend to stay non-alcoholic with pizza, and always like a San Pellegrino lemonade. You can’t go wrong with the orange flavor!"

Annelie, Social Media Manager

“If you count “Georgian pizza” in: A cold tarhun (a Georgian tarragon soft drink also called Tarkhuna) goes perfectly with the megruli khachapuri––I really love this combo! I could imagine it with a classic Margherita pizza, too. I feel that we're definitely missing a homemade tarhun recipe on our website. Especially for the summer, it’s a nice, very refreshing drink!”

I also have it on good authority that my colleague Xueci likes to drink kombucha with pizza - here's everything you need to know about making it.

For those who, like me, like to drink aperitifs, it seems that a simple glass of sparkling wine will do just the trick. And for the warmer days, I'm already looking forward to making Ruby’s rosé spritzer with white peaches and basil and enjoying it—nicely chilled—with a homemade pizza.

Our favorite things to eat alongside (or before, or after) pizza

You might be on the "pizza and only pizza" team, where your table needs nothing else when a pie is in the center. We won’t argue; surely there’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe, just maybe, it’s worth planning in a little bite before, alongside, or after; something to stretch the afternoon or evening out? Here are our picks for your pizza pairings.


Fennel salad with grapes and goat cheese
Green salad with strawberry-mustard dressing
Creamy kohlrabi, orange, and radicchio salad
Caesar Salad
Smashed cucumber salad
Peach Caprese salad with basil oil (maybe even with homemade mozzarella cheese?)
Raw broccoli slaw with miso dressing
Charred broccoli salad with ranch dressing
Marinated green beans with savory and onions

Everything bready

Baked mozzarella sticks
Catalan "pan con tomate"
Grilled Camembert
Garden focaccia
Cheesy pizza rolls


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Something sweet

Watermelon-grapefruit ice cream floats
Tiramisu layered cake
Tonka bean and espresso panna cotta
Classic Tiramisu
Matcha Affogato

What do you drink––or eat––with pizza? As always, we are looking forward to hear from you in the comments!

Published on April 24, 2021

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