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Protein-packed and versatile enough to make its way into most cuisines, Tofu is a beloved plant-based protein source. Tofu is made by solidifying fresh soy milk, compressing it into a solid block, and subsequently chilling it. The process mirrors the traditional cheese-making method, which involves solidifying cow’s milk.

Without the right flavorings and techniques, tofu can be rather bland. But, with a little help, it can become a delicious, filling and satisfying addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Treated right, it can become gloriously crisp and crunchy, or silky and saucy - the humble bean curd is far more versatile than you think! 

In Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, among others, tofu takes center stage as a staple ingredient, enjoyed by vegetarians and omnivores alike. While it can be used to substitute animal protein, there’s also a wide range of dishes developed with tofu as the star of the show in its own right.

The great range of tofu products these days means there is something for almost every dish. Firm tofu pan fries perfectly for stir fries and noodles, while silken tofu’s soft, curd-like texture absorbs flavor in dishes like Mapo Tofu

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to add more plant-based protein to your diet, our Tofu Recipes are here to inspire and guide you. 

Tofu Stir Fry

Sliced or cubed tofu can be quickly fried with veggies, rice or noodles, and your favorite stir fry sauce for a delicious and speedy mid-week meal. Most stir fry recipes call for firm or medium firm tofu, as it holds its shape and is less likely to fall apart in the pan. You can either add your tofu straight to the pan, like in this crispy tofu and broccoli stir fry, or dust it in corn starch, then fry it before adding to your vegetables for crispy-chewy texture, such as in this bok choy and crispy tofu stir fry.

Tofu Salad

Adding tofu to your salads is a great way of ensuring they are filling and keep you satisfied for longer. Marinate and fry your tofu for this Rainbow glass noodle salad with tofu and red cabbage slaw. Or flash fry and pile on top of flavorful peanut sauce for this Indonesian Gado-gado. This Malaysian sweet and sour Rojak salad makes use of fried tofu, cut into bite sized chunks to allow the flavorful dressing to soak in - delicious!

Tofu curries and stews 

Tofu can be substituted in for most protein sources in curries and stews. Its quick cook time and ability to soak up flavor make it an excellent choice for Asian-inspired curries and stews. Try this Thai-inspired red curry with tofu, or this spicy Sichuan-style Mapo Tofu, with ground beef (or mushroom). This Vietnamese-style fried tofu in tomato sauce feels stew-y, but comes together in 25 minutes and makes use of fresh or canned tomatoes for a lighter, brothy sauce.

Tofu noodles

Tofu and noodles are best friends. Hot or cold, crispy fried or soft and chewy - there are countless ways to enjoy this dynamic duo. These soba noodles with miso-marinated tofu and vegetables make use of marinated, smoked tofu for a tasty midweek wonder. Or crumble your tofu and mix it with spices and corn starch, then fry for a crispy topping for these chili garlic noodles

Crumbled Tofu

A favorite in vegan cooking, crumbled or grated tofu is an excellent substitute for ground beef or pork, and can be mixed with vegetables and various seasonings for a flavorful bite with satisfying texture. Look for a firm tofu that can be crumbled with your hands, or gently grated for the best texture (avoid soft or moister style tofu). Once crumbled, it can be fried and used to top noodles or rice, or serve as a filling for dumplings and spring rolls.

Try these crispy vegan rice paper dumplings or this aromatic and fresh vegan tofu larb. Tofu scramble is a vegan brunch highlight, using the crumbly texture of the tofu to mimic scrambled eggs. 

Baked tofu

Sheet pan or oven baked tofu can be a simple less-mess option for a wholesome plant based meal. Smoked tofu adds a further depth of flavor, especially when seasoned with a spice blend. Try this spiced baked tofu with crispy rice and vegetables.

Tofu can also be used to substitute pillowy cheese in oven baked dishes such as this vegan moussaka. Look for a silken or soft tofu for the ultimate comforting texture. Tossing seasoned tofu in cornstarch and laying on a sheet pan also gives a lovely chewy, crispy texture without frying. Add in your favorite vegetables and flavor combinations, such as in this miso roasted tofu with sweet potato.


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