Devan Grimsrud

Associate Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

Food has a special ability to bring people together and it can, like few other things, comfort and calm us in times of uncertainty—so it’s only natural that we turn to it now. As we adjust and move forward day by day, we wanted to put the call out to you, our global community, to share the recipes that have kept you going (even with a dwindling pantry). Upload them or share what you're cooking with us on Instagram using the hashtag #stayhomekeepcooking in your chef's note or post. Community is more important than ever, and we hope that we'll keep you inspired to cook and share with us.

The way we’re cooking in the times of the coronavirus varies day by day. We might treat ourselves to an internet famous coffee before a virtual meeting with colleagues on a Monday, be craving comfort in the form of a chocolate chip cookie on a Wednesday, then soothe ourselves with a plateful of pantry pasta on a Saturday afternoon—because dinner can be whenever we want it!

So, in light of our new normal and these changes to our everyday cooking routines, we’ve amped up the production of helpful, timely articles, and recipes we’ve been cooking from home to provide that inspiration and help you to #stayhomekeepcooking. For even more from us and our team, connect with us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter (the prompt for which you can find in the footer of this page).

We’re also spending a lot more time scrolling through the content on our favorite platforms and getting a new look into the personal lives of our favorite cooks around the world, the way we’re cooking is changing. We’re doing a lot of more of it (and you are, too), we’re reaching for lost items in the back of our pantry, drawers of the fridge, and depths of the freezer, and we’re craving something new every day. We’ve loved what we’ve seen from some of our favorite publications, bloggers, and chefs—whether it’s Christina Tosi’s daily #bakingclub on IGTV or Epicurious’ community campaign, Cooking Through It, and of course Bon Appetit’s cheeky articles—one of which “convinced” us to maintain our happy hours virtually.

All of the articles our team has pulled together to get both you, and us, through these tough times can be found below—they’ll be updated daily to ensure you’ll always have fresh ideas on hand!

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