To our Kitchen Stories Community,

The past days and weeks have been challenging ones. Most importantly, we hope you’re staying healthy and coping well with our collective new normal: home office, video calls, and all sorts of improvised at-home entertainment. 

Our mission is above all to empower home cooks around the world to use their kitchens as a source of inspiration and joy. We’ve always known that food has a special ability to bring people together across borders and cultures, and that it can, like few other things, comfort and calm us in times of uncertainty—and so it’s only natural that we turn to it now.

As of this week, the majority of the Kitchen Stories team has transitioned to working from home in order to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. As a result, it’s possible you’ll see a shift in how we approach content creation, as photo and video productions wind down and we think of creative new ways to stay in touch. However, we remain as committed as ever to help you through this time the best way we know how: by continuing to provide you with ideas for meals to gather your family around, weekend baking projects, and the know-how to make the best use of your pantry

We’re here for you, so send us your questions, ask our advice, show us pictures of your creations, or upload your own recipes to the platform. Community is more important than ever, and we hope you’ll continue to lean on this one. 

Stay safe, and as always, happy cooking,

Julie Myers