We’ve been singing it all month: a pinch of spice makes everything better. Whether it’s spice-forward curries, za'atar-crusted meats, or buttery cinnamon rolls, a humble recipe can be elevated with the right amount, and mix, of spices. As chef Ranveer Brar describes in one of his videos, working with spices is like making perfume or music. There’s always high, middle, and low notes. High note spices are aromatic or fragrant spices that you notice instantly, for instance, cardamom, mace, or dried rose. Middle note spices add body to a dish and these are spices like black pepper, mustard seeds, or cumin. Low range spices like cinnamon and nutmeg bring in the earthy, woody flavors. Every cuisine across the world uses spices in different ways to create their signature culinary tunes...isn't that cool?

Here’s an album, or collection, of 18 hand-picked spiced up tunes from our community celebrating spices in both sweet and savory styles. We think these recipes are inspiring, and hope they leave you inspired to showcase your own spicy creations too! To ensure your recipe fits the Kitchen Stories style and gets all the love it deserves, we’ve created this handy guide on how to get the best angle with your own recipes—from writing them to photographing them to uploading them to our app. There’s no better time to upload your spice-laden recipes to share with our global community!