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Find the Perfect Christmas Menu for You!

Find the Perfect Christmas Menu for You!

From meat to meatless, from relaxed to fancy – we got you covered

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Editorial Team at Kitchen Stories

Every year, when most of the Christmas cookies are eaten and all presents are wrapped decoratively, we hit the home stretch: Christmas Eve is coming! For us at Kitchen Stories, there’s clearly one epicenter in the middle of festivities: unpacking our presents. Just kidding, of course it’s the Christmas dinner!

Christmas is one of these occasions on which we love to spend a bit more time in the kitchen. We (and maybe you, too) want to serve a Christmas menu that isn’t short on anything. For some people, the Christmas dinner is highly connected to traditions which is why they’ll cook the very same dish every year. But for those of you who haven’t decided on a dinner menu yet, who are open for new inspirations, or who are looking for vegetarian and vegan alternatives, we’ve prepared a helpful decision tree that will solve all (well, at least some) of your problems.

We asked our editors Ruby, Lisa, and Julia, editor-in-chief Julie, and our chef Christian to put together their perfect Christmas menu. But which one is the right menu for you? Let’s find out with our quiz!

Team Christian – The Fancy Christmas Menu

“All ingredients for my Christmas menu fit the winter season perfectly. I know that this menu is a bit more elaborate, but you can prepare most of it in advance (or ask your family to help you). The artichokes are the perfect starter and whet your appetite for more. This is when the salmon tartare is served which will bring freshness to your palate. It’s followed by wonderfully tasty ravioli that are also an eye-catcher on your dinner table! Afterwards, it’s time for the centerpiece of my menu, ox cheeks that are stewed for 4 hours. The super tender and aromatic meat almost falls apart on your fork and gets a fresh note thanks to the gremolata.”

Christian’s Christmas Menu:

Starter: Artichokes with lemony vinaigrette and beetroot carpaccio with salmon tartare and wasabi cream

Main: Potato and mint ravioli with sage butter und braised ox cheeks with celery purée and gremolata

Dessert: Cheese platter

Team Julie – The relaxed Christmas menu

“I’m all for easy entertaining. Elaborate menus put the pressure on – for the guest, as much as for the host. So when it comes to my holiday spread this year, I’m opting for a casual, family-style approach. In this menu, everything can be at least partially prepped ahead, and there’s no stiff starter-main-dessert setup to get hung up on. Ask your family and friends for help putting together the finishing touches, so that you can focus on time together above all else.”

Julie’s Christmas menu:

Savory: Ricotta toasts with honey-roasted pears, herb-roasted chicken with root vegetables, creamy, garlicky mashed potatoes and caramelized pear, radicchio, and blue cheese salad

Sweet: Chocolate mousse

Team Ruby – The Modern Christmas Menu

"Tradition isn’t a huge factor in my Christmas menu planning: There’s really no ‘constant’ dish each year for me and this, I find, is all the fun. Last year, I was visiting home in Australia, so half the menu came off the barbecue I volunteered to fan outside in the heat (I was the only person in my extended family willing to do this, which tells you something about the temperature). This year I’m in Europe again so it’s back to heartier, spiced and citrusy, christmassy flavours right through from the ricotta roasts, the crackling-heavy pork-de-resistance, to the wintry pavlova at the end…which is my little wave to home."

Ruby's Christmas menu

Starter: Spiced kumquat chutney and ricotta toasts

Main: Crispy rolled pork belly with cranberries and herbs with roasted persimmon salad with maple-mustard vinaigrette and cauliflower steak

Dessert: Cinnamon Pavlova with apple-pear compote and mascarpone

Team Lisa – The Vegetarian Christmas Menu

“I’m a huge fan of tried and trusted classics, but at the same time, I like to surprise my family with a few unfamiliar flavors. That’s why I start with a sweetish soup, followed by a main dish served with tangy Brussels sprouts, and end with a very traditional dessert. Only I don’t serve the classic German baked apple, but the proven American apple pie.”

Lisa’s Christmas menu:

Starter: Carrot and pear soup

Main: Savory potato and hazelnut strudel with braised cabbage and red wine sauce and crispy roasted Brussels sprouts with soy sauce

Dessert: American apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Team Julia – The Vegan Christmas Menu

”I associate the Christmas dinner with many childhood memories that I want to revive and enjoy every year. This is why traditional German potato dumplings and a hearty goulash will never be missed in my Christmas menu – even though I’m vegan now. I could just snooze in this smoky mushroom goulash with bread dumplings! I’m also serving a fresh salad, which isn’t meant to be served as an appetizer, but rather as a fresh side dish to the hearty main. The vegan chocolate mousse needs some time to chill, but you can easily prepare it the day before to save some time and stress on Christmas Eve.”

Julia’s Christmas menu:

Main: Smoky mushroom goulash with bread dumplings und pink pomelo salad with kale and avocado

Dessert: Vegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba

Published on December 14, 2019

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