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The Only 6 Cocktail Recipes You Need to Know by Heart

The Only 6 Cocktail Recipes You Need to Know by Heart

Classic cocktails for every taste

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Hannah Henrici

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

The possibilities in cocktails are endless. Too many choices leave me drinking the same ones over and over again. However, some cocktails are classic for a reason. I asked around the team about their favorites among the cocktail icons. So here are the 6 cocktail recipes handpicked by the Kitchen Stories team. With at least one of these drinks memorized, you’re set to serve a small party. And we’re sure that whoever masters these 6 recipes will be the most sought-after host.

Aperol Spritz: the beloved sparkling orange aperitif

The originally Venetian drink Aperol Spritz now enjoys worldwide popularity. Here in Berlin, you can get an Aperol on almost every street corner. Not surprisingly, our Kitchen Stories team is more than crazy about this drink: some even got themselves a T-shirt with the inscription "They see me aperollin". So, grab a Prosecco, bright orange Aperol, and some soda water and we'll show you how to combine these ingredients in the right proportions. If you like to experiment with the taste, you can find ideas for variations of Aperol Spritz here.

Negroni: when strong bitterness meets the smooth sweetness

Let's move on to another Italian favorite. If you want to play around with some bitter flavors, then Negroni is a must in your repertoire. They say you need to have tried at least 3 Negronis to know if this drink is for you. And it's so easy to make! You need equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin. If that's too much alcohol content for you, turn the Negroni into an Americano. After all, Negroni is said to have originated from it. Replace the gin with sparkling water, and voilà, your Americano is ready.

Classic Negroni

Classic Negroni

Piña Colada: tropical, creamy and taste explosion

This brings us to my *personal* favorite. Just hearing the name of this refreshing cocktail evokes memories of the best summer days. For me, Piña Colada is a good time capsulated in a drink. Its fruity virgin version is even the most popular mocktail of all. To prepare Puerto Rico's national drink, you need pineapple or pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut syrup, and white rum. Throw everything in the blender and enjoy cold with ice cubes (while blasting the Piña Colada song if you like)!

Tequila Sunrise: colorful and fruity

As the name suggests, the color gradient of this classic cocktail is bound to remind you of the rising sun with its beautiful yellow, orange, and red tones. Those who dance through the night until the sky glows in the colors of the Tequila Sunrise do deserve an extra cocktail. Mix orange juice, a dash of grenadine and, of course, the eponymous tequila. All you need now are a few ice cubes and cherry or orange to round off the whole thing with a pretty garnish. Best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset, of course.

Tequila sunrise

Tequila sunrise

Caipirinha: sweet and sour

The sweet and sour Brazilian hit drink, Caipirinha is perfect for any occasion. It requires limes, sugar or sugar syrup, and cachaça - the ingredient that makes a caipirinha a caipirinha. This Brazilian liquor, made from sugarcane juice, differs from the classic rum made from cane sugar molasses. If you can't find cachaça, you can make a similar drink, daiquiri with rum. Or, turn to the variations like Caipiroska and Sakerinha, which use Vodka and Sake for spirits.

Mojito: refreshingly minty

Mojito is one of the most, if not the most, classic cocktails, which honestly took me a long time to distinguish from a Caipirinha. Instead of cachaça, Mojito is made with white Cuban rum and refreshing mint. However, since many people mistakenly prepare a caipirinha with white rum, I guess I'm not alone!

Published on August 20, 2022

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