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Barbecue Salads: 6 Great Ideas for a Perfect Barbecue

Barbecue Salads: 6 Great Ideas for a Perfect Barbecue

Attention, they might be more popular than the meat!

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Editorial Team at Kitchen Stories

What could be better than spending a warm summer evening with friends and a barbecue? In addition to the obligatory grilled meat, vegetable skewers, and the right drinks, crunchy, colorful salads should never be missing from your spread.

Whether you're thinking of a classic pasta salad or a fresh, green salad, it's always a matter of taste—and usually not the part that you've been thinking about for days. But why is that? By now, we know salads can be more than just lettuce leaves, so why can’t a salad be the highlight of your next grilling evening? If you agree, read on!

We have six new ideas for original barbecue salads that will amaze your guests.

Before we start: Which salads suit a barbecue?

First of all: They shouldn’t take too much time to prepare! Let's be honest, although they’re supposed to a be a time for everyone to kick back and relax, organizing a barbecue takes effort. So if you’re throwing together some last minute grilling plans, you need something straightforward.

Salads are usually not the star of the spread and are often served as a side dish—a token bit of green to complement the grilled meat. We’re pro interesting salads here at KS and believe they can be a real l highlight...and even steal the show. This works especially when you get creative and stray from the ones we all already know. If you want to shine at your barbecue party, try something original!

But so that your salad is not out of place, and so you’re using the best of the summer produce, we’ve got to make sure they match the time of year!

The best salads for your summer grill party!

Warm summer evenings were made for grilling!. A fresh salad gives respite from the heat and contrasts rich grilled meats wonderfully.

The classic potato salad might be the first salad you think of, but we recommend making it without mayonnaise for a barbecue. Why? Not only so the salad is lighter, but also so it doesn’t sweat in the sun. Salads with fruits are also very suitable, as they are refreshing and enhance that breezy summer feeling.

Our tip: Salads taste best for barbecues when they’re cool. If possible, do not place them in the sun where there will heat up and wil! It’s best to keep a large bowl inside and refill again and again. Like this the salad stays fresh!

Salads for a barbeque in winter

Who says you can only grill in the warmer seasons? Even in winter, a cozy barbecue party can be on the cards. Of course, you shouldn’t skip salad s here either. But when it's below freezing, a cold salad as a side dish is not much fun. Instead, hot potato, pasta or vegetable salads are the better fit. They are filling and warm and are a real hit for a winter barbecue.

Can you prepare salads for a barbecue the day before?

If you want to get ahead of schedule, there are many salads that you can prepare a day before. Pasta, couscous, or potato salads taste even better if they’re made the night before, as well as layered salads or rice salads.

But remember: For most salads you should only pour the dressing oma few minutes before serving over the salad, so it stays crunchy.

Delicious salads for a barbecue: 6 winning recipes

Whether summery-fresh or fruity-sweet—you will find the right salad. But why decide on only one salad? Bring a little variety to your barbecue by making a few different salads for your guests to try outs and find their new favorite! For inspiration, take a look at our six salad recipes.

Old but gold: Light, summery potato salad

For many, it’s a barbecue non-negotiable: the good old potato salad! However, this variant dispenses with heavy mayonnaise, and becomes lighter in taste. Spiced up with fresh yoghurt and apples, this salad is perfect for warm summer nights.You can also prepare this salad ahead of time, since it needs some time to sit before serving.

Summer potato salad

Summer potato salad

The party-sized salad : Shrimp-stuffed lettuce wraps with yoghurt sauce

Do you like being well-organized? This salad is a side dish that has it all, packed with delicious shrimps. The great thing is: it comes in perfect portions, or every guest can grab a salad wrap and tuck in!

Shrimp-stuffed lettuce wraps with yogurt sauce

Shrimp-stuffed lettuce wraps with yogurt sauce

Summer’s here: Fruity strawberry and cucumber salad

This salad has a lot to offer: It’s quick and easy to prepare and completely vegan. It can be either a side dish or a fruity finale for the barbecue party, with the sweet, summery strawberries. What’s not to love?

Strawberry and cucumber salad

Strawberry and cucumber salad

Holiday feelings: Pasta salad with pesto and oven vegetables

Add some southern flair with this delicious pasta salad! It has everything pasta-salad lovers want to see at a barbecue with delicious vegetables and homemade pesto to make the hearts of every Italy fan beat faster.You can also prepare this salad a little earlier without any problems!

Light pesto pasta salad

Light pesto pasta salad

The unexpected hit: Mango salad with popcorn

Looking for something new? If you've had enough of the same salads at barbecues and you want to cook outside of the box, this salad is for you! The tangy mango salad is garnished with spicy popcorn and which is not only eye-catching but and extra tasty. Surprise your guests with something creative!

Mango salad with popcorn

Mango salad with popcorn

For a cold snap: Winter salad with warm goat cheese

For a barbecue in winter, you need a salad that fits the season. The warm goat cheese pairs perfectly with sweet plums.. This salad is great for cold winter evening evening and is a fruity and light addition to the barbecue buffet. Great for cold winter evenings!

Winter salad with warm goat cheese

Winter salad with warm goat cheese

If you can’t get enough, you’ll find many more salad recipes here. In addition, there are of course many vegan options for bbq salads. Have fun at your next barbecue party!

Published on June 7, 2019

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