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Why German Bread Always Reminds Me of Home

Why German Bread Always Reminds Me of Home

What I miss most when abroad

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When I returned to Germany from the longest trip I’d ever taken—and the furthest I’d ever been from home—not only were my parents waiting for me in the arrivals hall, they were waiting for me with a fresh pretzel in tow. I was coming back from a trip to Australia and what I had missed most (other than family, of course) was good German bread. I’m talking wholemeal breads, country breads with a proper crust, special Sunday rolls with caraway “souls,” and last but not least, iconic, soft-yet-crispy, salt-studded pretzels.

I’m certainly not the only one who grew up with a certain appreciation for German bread and all its variations—over 3,000 of them. German bread is officially recognized as an important, intangible piece of our cultural heritage by UNESCO, but however vast the varieties are, what I keep coming back to as the most important thing about German bread, is the feeling it gives us when enjoying it together. No matter where I am, I know good German bread with a swipe of butter and sprinkle of salt will take me home.

I’m not saying great breads don’t exist anywhere else—I’ve tasted them, so I know first hand that they certainly do—but nostalgia has a way of adding something special to certain foods, for certain people. For myself, and many of my German colleagues as you’ll soon see, it’s our country’s bread that always brings us home.

#ThrowbackNovember: Week 4

#ThrowbackNovember: Week 4

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I’m clearly obsessed with German bread—and I’m not the only one! What do you miss most and obsess over when you’re far from home? Let us know in the comments below!

Published on November 23, 2020

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