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Our Secret Weapon for Perfectly Saucy Pesto, Every Time

Our Secret Weapon for Perfectly Saucy Pesto, Every Time

You’re seconds away from the pesto of your dreams

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Ruby Goss

Ruby Goss

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

When it comes to cooking, you never stop learning. A small tip in the right direction can transform a dish from just okay to out-of-this-world delicious: So to help you cook with confidence (and stop sifting through confusing Google results) we’ve set up our very own Cooking Hotline. It’s time to ask us your burning cooking questions: Submit them here!

How do you make pesto? Do you go the traditional route with a mortar and pestle? Are you a fan of the food processor? How about a blender?

Personally, I’ve never had a mortar and pestle large enough to stay true to traditional pesto-making, I’ve always found that a food processor gives you something in texture more like a gremolata than a sauce, and a blender... just forget it unless you have an endless supply of olive oil, in which case, lucky you!

I want my pesto to be slick and glossy, like a pourable sauce that can evenly (and generously) coat every strand and get stuck in every ridge. I just don’t want something pasty or chunky that reminds me more of a dip.

Which means there’s only one tool I’ll ever use for pesto: an immersion blender. It is hands-down the easiest route to perfectly saucy pesto every time. Simply tip your ingredients into a large measuring jug and blend it up into the smoothest, most uniform sauce.

The immersion blender never fails me, nor does it take up too much prime real estate in my cupboard. Plus, it’s more versatile than it seems and can be used to blend up salad dressings (hey Caesar!), curry pastes, and soups, and of almost all kitchen gadgets, it’s certainly one of the most budget friendly. But, perhaps most importantly, it keeps pestos of any kind (like this satisfyingly saucy kale number) mere seconds away!

To pay our dues, we’ve got new recipes to make the most of this little kitchen hero and hopefully, convert you!

Try these 2 *new* saucy pesto recipes

We know pesto loves carbs, so to me, the next logical step for me, after pasta, is potatoes! Inspired by pasta alla Genovese, here, a classic pesto meets creamy new potatoes. Be sure to blend a super saucy pesto (remember olive oil is your friend) and make sure that you toss it with the potatoes only right before serving to avoid the pesto going from bright green to something a bit more dull.

Easy cheesy tortellini with red pepper pesto

Easy cheesy tortellini with red pepper pesto

This red pesto is based on bright, sweet jarred red peppers that easily blend up with toasted walnuts, basil, Parmesan cheese, lemon, and olive oil with the help of your favorite new tool. Think of it as your new no-cook pasta sauce and pour it over cheese tortellini, as we do here, or the pasta of your choice! It can even be spread over sandwiches or served as a dip for fresh veggies.

Published on March 26, 2022

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