Julia Stephan

Senior Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

Finding it hard to keep track of your cooking inspiration from all over the web? Us too. Until now!

We’ve made a handy new feature called cookbook+ to help you save and organize all your favorite recipes in one place. To show you the Kitchen Stories team is using it, plus how we find inspiration online, our editors are sharing a collection of saved recipes with you each week. Follow this linkto learn how cookbook+ works and sign up for a 14 day free trial.

The cookbooks on my shelf look at me, disappointed. They know it and I know it too: my recipe search is almost exclusively happening online nowadays. I spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, food blogs, and online magazines, clicking "create bookmarks for this tab" every few minutes when something catches my eye. Some of these recipes turn into real dinners the same week, however most dishes get lost in the bookmark crowd. I don't notice them until I favor the recipe again weeks later. "Link already saved", oops.

But the rescue for my problem is near. Thanks to our new tool cookbook+, I have a new plan now: sort out my bookmark list, save recipes in the Kitchen Stories app, and finally organize them. Here are the 5 recipes I’ve already saved this week!

1. Marinated teriyaki eggplant from Cupful of Kale

Saved to my ‘Dinner Ideas’ cookbook
I've stopped counting how many times I've cooked this recipe. It all started when I asked my colleague Lenja her favorite way to prepare eggplant. She sent me this recipe from Cupful of Kale and it was love at first bite. The eggplant gets a fantastic almost meaty texture and a deep flavor as it’s fried in the sauce. With this recipe, I even convinced friends who don't like eggplants.

2. Ramen noodles with miso pesto from Bon Appétit

Saved to my ‘Send Noodles’ cookbook
I must admit that I’m not always a big fan of pesto and prefer to eat my pasta (or noodles) with a creamier sauce. However, this fresh and flavorful miso pesto has a special place in my cooking heart and therefore had to be included in my digital cookbooks. It has all the practical advantages of a pesto (mix and done), but the consistency of the sauce is almost silky thanks to the tablespoon of butter (I added a vegan alternative).

3. Chanterelle mushroom butter from Kitchen Stories

Saved to my ‘Special Something’ cookbook
This recipe isn’t for everyday. To be fair, it’s really only a go-to during chanterelle season. That’s exactly why I saved it into my ‘Special Something’ cookbook. What looks like an artistic masterpiece is a simple chanterelle mushroom butter made by our chef Hanna, which can easily be prepared vegan. It’s so delicious that you should follow this rule: thickness of the butter spread > thickness of the slice of bread.

4. Vegan chocolate peanut butter cup tart from Gena Hamshaw on Food52

Saved to my ‘Sweet Dreams’ cookbook
Between all these savory recipes there had to be a sweet one—one that is a true keeper. Gena Hamshaw has created the grown-up version of peanut butter cups for Food52. It’s an irresistibly delicious sweet and salty mix: a creamy peanut butter filling within a crisp crust and a delicate coat of dark chocolate on top. Better save this recipe yourself quickly, because you will make this more than once.

5. Spicy tofu wontons from I Am A Food Blog

Saved to my ‘Dinner Ideas’ cookbook
I hadn’t dared to make homemade wontons until I found this recipe from Mike and Stephanie’s I am a Food Blog. They’ve been publishing recipes for many years, including a lot of vegan options that have never disappointed me. It might be unbelievable, but what looks like something that you have to order in a restaurant takes only 30 minutes of your time. It requires a bit of practice in folding, but is a very special weeknight dinner.

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