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Find yourself struggling to find that one recipe you saw somewhere online? The internet’s a big place—and with so many recipes out there it’s easy to lose track of your favorites. To make it easier to keep all your inspiration in one place, we’ve created a handy new tool—cookbook+.

Hopefully, you’re already more than familiar with the Cookbook feature on Kitchen Stories: It’s our signature bookmarking tool that lets you save and organize your favorite recipes on the app into themed collections. It makes deciding what to cook that little bit simpler—whether it’s for your weeknight dinner or to satisfy a dessert craving. Now, we’ve broadened its horizons so you can browse thousands of recipes on the web to save to your cookbook collections. It’s smarter than ever and called cookbook+.

So that everyone can try the new feature out, we’re offering a 14-day free trial. And, don’t worry—this won’t affect your existing cookbook collections— you’ll still find all your saved recipes on your free user profile as usual.

Ready to get organized? Here’s a quick step-by-step to using the cookbook+ feature.

1. Search for recipes around the web via the Kitchen Stories App

Launch the Kitchen Stories App on your mobile device or tablet. Tap the search button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

To use the cookbook+ feature, click the ‘Search recipes from around the web’ button below to open our in-app browser. Now, you enter the recipe or website of your choosing.

2. Save and organize your recipes according to theme

Once you’ve found the recipe you want to save, click ‘Download’ at the bottom of the screen. A preview will be generated. Happy? Then click ‘Save Recipe’. You can now choose which cookbook (the aforementioned private collections of recipes) you want to save this recipe to. If you need to, you can also create a new cookbook—to stay organized, choose topics like breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or instead opt for something like 'Weeknight Dinners,' ‘Comfort Food,’ or ‘Movie Snacks.’ Whatever what works for you!

3. Enjoy a streamlined cooking experience

The recipes will be converted into a streamlined layout, making the recipe even easier to follow as you cook. You’ll also have access to all the usual Kitchen Stories features—including adding ingredients to your shopping list and using cooking mode for a more immersive cooking experience.

In case you have any more questions, check out the FAQs or get in touch with us at Stay tuned—over the next month, our team will be sharing how we use the feature!

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