Frappè not dalgona 😘

Frappè not dalgona 😘

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"Cold instant coffee or frappè as it came to be known, was estated in 1957, in Thessaloniki, Greece. A Nescafe salesman who could not have his normal cup of Joe as it was too warm, he took his coffee, beat it up with a spoon to create the froth and a voila, Frappè was born. Check Wikipedia for more information - . Dalgona coffee is similar. Enjoy it on a warm summer day or everyday. Oh and use a straw, always."
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3 min
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4 tsp
instant coffee powder (for shaking)
4 tsp
sugar (for shaking)
40 ml
milk (for serving)
660 ml
water (cold)


milk frother, cocktail shaker

  • Step 1/2

    • 4 tsp instant coffee powder (for shaking)
    • 4 tsp sugar (for shaking)

    Shaking. You can either use a shaker or a frother hand mixer. Add the sugar first in the shaker or straight into the glass you are going to serve it on. Then add the coffee on top of the sugar. This is because coffee tends to stick at the bottom. Add approximately 20ml of water, enough to just slightly cover the ingredients. If you use a shaker, add the lid and shake till the froth gets thick. If you use the froth hand mixer, just mix it in the serving glass till it gets thick enough.

  • Step 2/2

    • 40 ml milk (for serving)
    • 660 ml water (cold)
    • milk frother
    • cocktail shaker

    Add ice if you wish, and the milk (optional) and top up with cold water. Frappè is versatile. Some variations are: with a ball of ice cream inside the glass, with one tsp of coffee for a lighter touch, without milk if you prefer your coffee black, with aspartame or any other sugar replacement.

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    Frappè not dalgona 😘



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