Your Dessert Dreams Have Been Answered

Your Dessert Dreams Have Been Answered

When two classic English sweets meet

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Julia Stephan

Julia Stephan

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Everyone knows that finding the right dessert for a party can be a challenge. If you’ve ever scrolled through the internet or (shameless plug) our app to find the right sweet treat to bring along on a summer picnic or simply wrap up a fun-filled evening with friends, you know how difficult it is to decide—there are so many options out there! But when you’re searching for something that doesn’t take too long to prepare and can serve a big crowd, look no further.

Our user fatima sameena sharif created her personal party dessert, adapting a recipe for banoffee pie, and turning it into our community recipe of the week: pineapple-toffee-trifle!

Pineapple toffee trifle

Pineapple toffee trifle
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Why do we love this recipe?

At Kitchen Stories, we love to experiment with classic recipes and we encourage our users to explore their culinary creativity. Instead of rejecting a recipe because of its ingredients, try finding substitutes, and maybe you’ll create your new favorite recipe—like fatima’s trifle.

Juicy, tangy fruit meets smooth, rich cream, and crispy cookie layers—making this dessert an interesting and harmonious combination of tastes and textures.

The recipe is easy to make and an excellent choice, no matter if you want to feed 5 or 15 hungry guests around your dinner table. Plus, the leftovers make an excellent midnight snack.

Two classic British desserts

This recipe takes two classic British desserts, banoffee pie and trifle, and mixes them together. Banoffee (a portmanteau of banana and toffee) pie is made up of layers of banana, cream, and toffee over a cookie crumble base.

But, if you layer the dessert in a glass serving dish or bowl—you enter trifle territory. Trifles are british desserts that layer of fruit, cream, and sponge cake. Trifles are usually served in a pedastaled trifle bowl, but you can use any deep glass serving bowl or even individual glass dishes.

Our tips for making pineapple-toffee-trifle

Trifle can be prepared ahead and stored in the fridge without any problems, which can save some time during the party—allowing you to spend more time with your guests and avoid wasting away in the kitchen.

Do it like our user fatima sameena sharif and get creative to adapt this recipe to your taste. For instance, instead of using pineapple and strawberries, add your own favorite or in-season fruits. Use chocolate, oat, or any other cookies to give your dessert another personal note.

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Published on July 9, 2018

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