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This Spatula is My Most-used Kitchen Item And You Should Have It Too

This Spatula is My Most-used Kitchen Item And You Should Have It Too

Not just for baking

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Jing Yue Lok

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories

When I decided a few years ago to bake more, my first thought was to buy a silicone spatula. After watching countless baking videos on YouTube, I was a bit overwhelmed by how diverse the designs and color variations the market has to offer. Ultimately, I went for the "original Kaiserflex dough scraper". My main arguments at the time: You can't go wrong with a well-known brand – and from my experience with this product, you really can't! Even after about six years of use, it still looks almost new.

What was initially just a baking utensil turned out to be an all-rounder in my kitchen routine. I started using the spatula not only for baking but also for cooking. If the cake batter can be scraped off the mixing bowl, then why not use it for the last drop of the pasta sauce from the pot? Let me tell you more about what makes this silicone spatula so special.

Try the many benefits of the silicon spatula yourself!

Flexible Silicon Spatula From Kaiser

Flexible Silicon Spatula From Kaiser


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3 Reasons why the silicone spatula is my favorite kitchen utensil:

Sturdy and flexible at the same time

Not all silicone spatulas are created equal! Indeed, I have found that not all dough scraper heads are equally functional. In my experience, using flexible silicone spatulas makes for a smoother scraping experience, for example: There is less resistance when scraping a mixing bowl because the flexible scraper yields better to the movement. Thanks to the spatula’s metal core, it is still sturdy enough to work with tough doughs, such as cookie dough. Plus, this silicone spatula is a one-piece, making it last longer than those with attached heads that can loosen from the handles after a while.

More hygienic

Compared to those spatulas with a silicone scraper head and a wooden or metal handle, this spatula made of 100% silicone is dishwasher safe, thus more hygienic. Even ingredients that normally stain like tomato sauce can be washed off with no problem. Spatulas that are made of two pieces can also be more susceptible to mold from residual moisture, or food debris like cake batter or sauce, which can get stuck in the crevice between the handle and attachment.

Best spatula for frying with high heat

Silicone is naturally heat-resistant. This spatula can therefore withstand not only the temperatures in the dishwasher but also up to 200°C in heat and is therefore ideal for cooking with high heat, like in stir-fries. If you have the habit of leaving your cooking utensils in the pan or on the edge, you will probably have had the unpleasant experience of melted plastic. Using a silicone spatula makes it no problem at all. Plus, its soft material does not scratch coated pans, unlike utensils made of metal.

Small but mighty: the mini version!
Admittedly, pretty much everything in a smaller size is cute. But what's special in this case: the small one does exactly what its big sister does, and does it well. In my opinion, a smaller spatula is handy when you're preparing something in smaller quantities or containers. A good example is a mug cake: With the help of the small spatula, you can get to the very bottom of the mug when mixing the ingredients, so no flour is left at the bottom. It is also super handy for scraping out the last bit from jars full of sauces or jams - nothing is wasted!

Convinced? Join the club!

The functionality, durability, and heat resistance make this simple utensil one of the most used in my kitchen.

If you’re looking for a handy yet affordable kitchen all-rounder, give it a go! If you already have one, try it with a wider variety of purposes and you will never go back. And in case you want to get a second one, I dare say the mini version will be a great addition: While one is in the dishwasher, the other can be used, and let's face it, you can't have enough helpful kitchen utensils!

And which utensil can you not do without in your kitchen? Tell me in the comments below!

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Published on April 16, 2023

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