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Without a doubt, your Easter menu should be the highlight of this festive season and a delicious celebration of spring. To make sure that your preparation for this important family gathering pays off, we went on a road trip and collected three signature Easter dishes from the most talented young chefs in all of Germany.

These tasty ideas came from the S.Pellegrino Young Chefs Raul Vidican, Florian Weidlich, and Sebastian Böckmann, who each showcased their talent with a ‘Signature Dish’ last summer to qualify for the renowned S.Pellegrino Young Chef Competition 2018.

From updated classics to magical reveals

Without building too much anticipation, we will only say this – these rising stars outdid themselves with this year’s menu. Each dish is special in its own way. The starter is a reinterpreted favorite, the main course is extravagantly rich in ingredients and aroma, and the finale is full of pleasant surprises.

Looking for a refreshing Easter menu to wow your guests? You’ve come to the right place!

THE STARTER: Simply unbeatable

Raul Vidican creates a light appetizer to kick off your Easter feast. It leaves enough room in your stomach for the main course, while at the same time giving you a taste of what’s to come.

Simplicity is a virtue – the same goes for this dish. It is the perfect way to start the feast, as the elaborated interplay of various flavors is totally on point.

Deviled eggs with avocado cream and prosciutto

Deviled eggs with avocado cream and prosciutto

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The S.Pellegrino Young Chef uses an impeccable combination for the base of his dish. While the classic filling for deviled eggs is made of cooked egg yolk, our young chef is a bit more creative, filling his with striking avocado cream and topping it with crispy prosciutto chips.

At the moment, Raul Vidican works as chef de partie for the restaurant in the Continental Arena Regensburg. He likes to describe his cooking style as straightforward yet creative and full of flavor – with a lot of emphasis on combining the well known with the lesser known, the regional with the exotic. It’s not surprising then that he gets many of his ideas –unexpected combinations to creative plating– by taking walks out in nature.

Raul also shares a tip for this starter: “Of course you can prepare the mayonnaise as usual with only raw egg yolks, but it becomes much creamier if you also add boiled egg yolk and egg white.”

THE MAIN COURSE: Elegant and versatile

S.Pellegrino Young Chef Florian Weidlich believes that your main course this year should be all about class. “What is special about my dish is the complex combination of different ingredients and aromas that will explode,” he adds. The perfect dish for all ambitious amateurs who want to their guests’ mouths to water and jaws to drop!

Working as the deputy chef at Restaurant Oliveto in Ameron Hotel Königshof, this rising star channels his talent into combining the modern with the classic. It’s no wonder then that he often gives familiar ingredients a makeover to bring surprises to the dining table. This main course, without exception, perfectly reflects his style.

“Of course, you must eat lamb on Easter. Thanks to the sweet and fruity notes of the pears, this dish will also have the taste of early spring,” says this ambitious chef about his dish. Florian also mentions to us that his side dish pays homage to Ostfriesland, where he completed his training and found his second home.

On our Easter menu, he gives ‘pears, beans, and bacon’–one of the most popular dishes in Ostfriesland–a new interpretation by showcasing each ingredient in two different forms. He presents pears as wedges and jelly, beans as a purée and mixed medley, and bacon as thick slices and crispy chips. “To give a well-known dish a new interpretation is my favorite thing to do,” Florian confesses.

Pistachio-crusted lamb with pears, beans, and bacon

Pistachio-crusted lamb with pears, beans, and bacon

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Florian also shares a tip for this main course: “You could prepare the side dish beforehand and warm it up before serving. The tricky part is the lamb, which needs to be fried just before serving.”

THE DESSERT: Impressive and stunning

With this dessert, you are guaranteed to wow your guests. Just imagine a sweet and moist carrot cake hidden inside a chocolate egg. Sebastian creates this dish to end your Easter feast on a perfectly themed yet surprising note.

As a sous chef, Sebastian Böckmann regularly entertains the guests at Hotel Restaurant Reuter in Rheda-Wiedenbrück with his eye-catching creations. He describes his own cooking style as classical French handcraft with international influences, and strives, above all, to use fresh and regional ingredients, which he then gives a modern makeover.

For our Easter menu this year, the S.Pellegrino Young Chef came up with something truly special: An Easter egg made of chocolate, whose shell melts when doused with a warm chocolate-almond sauce to unveil a sweet carrot cake topped with apple. Like magic, it takes place right in front of your eyes.

Mini carrot cakes with stewed apples and chocolate eggshells

Mini carrot cakes with stewed apples and chocolate eggshells

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Sebastian also shares a tip for this dessert: "You can, by all means, prepare the dessert beforehand. The only thing you have to do before serving is to warm up the chocolate-almond sauce. If you like, you can replace the golden powder with some colorful sugar sprinkles – this will for sure get the kids all excited."

A wonderful dessert that is guaranteed to wow your guests will bring your Easter menu to a perfect closure. We were ourselves surprised by how quick and easy this spectacular dessert can be prepared!

Which of these delicious dishes are you going to prepare for the Easter feast? Have these S.Pellegrino Young Chefs managed to win your stomach with their wonderful creations? Tell us in the comments below!

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