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Let us present this week's sweet community pick—jocelynl’s maple-pecan shortbread recipe. Her cookies are just as rich and buttery as the Scottish original, but laced with a divine maple syrup and pecan flavor. For jocelynl, this combination makes for a refined guilty pleasure—and we couldn’t agree more.

Maple-pecan shortbread

Maple-pecan shortbread

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What’s so special about these cookies?

We’ve all eaten shortbread before, and love it for its rich and buttery taste. But these cookies go the extra mile, and turn plain shortbread into a sweet, nutty, warm, and crunchy treat.

Why do we love this recipe?

We love these cookies because they are so rich. Our colleagues called them “super delicious and slightly fatty—in a good way,” with solid thumbs up all around.

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Jocelynl also inspired us to get creative with shaping the cookies. Whether you opt for square, round, rectangular, or use fun-shaped cookies instead—even if you make a big batch to treat your colleagues or kids, you will definitely end up snacking on these yourself!

Our tips for making maple-pecan shortbread

We recommend chopping the nuts very finely, as this will make the dough smoother and easier to work with. If your dough is too crumbly and falls apart, simply chill it for a while, and then knead some more. If hazelnuts, walnuts, or pistachios are more up your alley, why not customize the recipe to suit your personal taste?

How to chop nuts

How to chop nuts

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