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If you’ve never had beef short ribs before, we think you’re missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. Thanks to our user tiffany.qiu, you can learn how to make this classic, fall-off-the-bone tender entrée in next to no time.

Teriyaki braised beef short ribs

Teriyaki braised beef short ribs

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What’s so special about this recipe?

These winning short ribs are full of comforting flavors, but the real kicker is the combination of tangy teriyaki sauce and intense beef broth. While other recipes call for red wine and beef broth, we find that this little teriyaki twist make a huge difference. During the braising, all the meaty aromas from the ribs infuse the sauce, making it a succulent and delectable dish that’s hard to resist.

Why do we love this recipe?

This braised dish is easy enough to make it into your regular cooking routine, yet special enough to serve to guests. Plus, compared to other braising recipes, these short ribs are super easy and come together quickly.

According to our Kitchen Stories Team, the teriyaki braised short ribs are "perfectly tender and fall apart delicious" and "the combination of potatoes, Daikon radish, and this tangy sauce is a match made in heaven." It’s hardly surprisng that the smell of these terrific ribs braising in our test kitchen made nearly every colleague drool.

Our tips for making the perfect braised short ribs

When made right, these short ribs are more tender than you can imagine. Use boneless or bone-in short ribs but take note that we highly recommend to use the bone-in option. The marrow from the bones adds flavor to your braising liquid for an extra rich and beefy gravy.

In her original recipe, tiffany.qiu prepared and cooked all the ingredients before the ribs went into the oven. For the sake of saving time, we started preparing the vegetables right before the ribs were ready to remove from the oven, so everything is hot and ready to serve at the same time.

Serving Suggestions: The rich sauce from these braised short ribs make the perfect match with rice, but you can also serve them with mashed potatoes, creamy polenta, or even additional roasted vegetables.

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