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3 Dips, 3 Ways to Customize Them

3 Dips, 3 Ways to Customize Them

How to spice up hummus, guacamole, and mayonnaise!

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When we talk about recipes, we usually only focus on the “leading roles.” We discuss how to grill a steak, how to steam vegetables, and how to prepare prawns. But out of the limelight wait the secret stars of every cocktail party, barbecue, or snack platter.

So, let’s talk about dips! A steak can be grilled perfectly—but it only goes to the next level when served with an exquisite dip. This means that dips bear a lot of responsibility—so let’s not put ketchup in charge.  

Therefore, we chose three of the most popular dips: hummus, guacamole, and mayonnaise. We’ll not only show you how to prepare them, but also 3 ways to easily adapt them to spice things up! 

What’s your favorite dip and how do you spice it up? Tell us in the comments or upload a picture of your recipe! 


Hummus practically belongs to the classic dip repertoire these days. Instead of buying it ready-made in the supermarket, take five minutes to prepare the chickpea purée at home—and then update it. 

Start with this basic recipe: Simple hummus

... then thrill your guests with these spicy, herby, and olive-based variations! 


While simple in preparation, guacamole is delicious in taste. But after eating so many avocado sandwiches and grilled avocados, you might want to change the guacamole game from time to time. 

Start with this basic recipe: Simple guacamole

How about a Thai-inspired guacamole, or a hearty or fruity variation?


Like hummus, you don’t need to buy mayonnaise ready-made in the supermarket. All you need is five ingredients and ten minutes—it’s easier than you’d think!  

Start with this basic recipe: Simple mayonnaise

Instead of eating the classic mayonnaise again and again—and again—try dipping potato wedges into spicy, curry, or lemon mayonnaise next time. You’ll love it—we promise! 

Published on July 23, 2017

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