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How to core and slice an apple

How to core and slice an apple

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paring knife, cutting board, knife

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away

    Apples are available all year around. You can enjoy them as a healthy snack, or bake them in a cake, or even drink them as tea. If you want to giveyour dish a fresh flavor, try put some apple slices in. As apples can make other fruit ripen faster, you need to store them separately, so that both can stay fresh and crunchy.

  • Step 2/ 2

    • 2 apple
    • paring knife
    • cutting board
    • knife

    Use a chef's knife to halve the apple. One way to remove the core is to carve out the core carefully with a paring knife and then remove the blossom end. Cut the halves in thin slices. You can also quarter the apple and remove the core with a diagonal cut. If you want to obtain small cubes, cut the apple first lengthwise and then chop into cubes. You can also cut it into thicker slices to enjoy as a snack.

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    How to core and slice an apple


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