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Welcome to Pie Season—or as some would call it, the most wonderful time of the year.

Many of us already have our favorite apple, pecan, and pumpkin pie recipes queued up, ready to spring into action on the next crisp Saturday. Because nothing embraces the season more than a freshly baked, warmly spiced pie—straight from the oven.

And though you may top yours with ice cream or whipped cream (or maybe just straight cream), we’re serving ours on the side. Because from now on, our crusts are the star of the show—and they’re not playing second fiddle to anyone.

Here are 3 new ways to style your pie crust that will leave your guests’ jaws on the floor:

1. The Fork Crimp

One of the simplest, but most unexpected ways to modernize your double-crust pie is to simply imprint a pattern on it. And what could be a more convenient tool than the humble fork?

Simply roll out your top crust to a diameter slightly larger than your pie form, then, starting from one edge, press the fork tines into the dough to make an imprint. Continue to imprint the dough with lines in a pattern of contrasting directions until the entire dough round is covered.

Transfer the dough on top of the filled pie form, trim the excess, and seal around the edges. Voilà!

2. The Cut-Out

If you thought that was easy, wait till you see this one. Start the same way, with a double-crust pie dough. Roll the top crust out, then use a cookie cutter—or several in different sizes—to make cut outs over the dough. If you like, save the cut outs for extra decoration.

Transfer the pie crust to the filled pie form, trim the edges, and seal. Into the oven you go!

3. The Braided Lattice

Want to get a little fancy? It’s time to braid your dough.

After you roll out the top crust, slice it into wide strips. Then slice each of those wide strips into 3 lengthwise. Braid each set of 3 as you would hair, crimping at the ends to seal.

Next, use your creative license to decide whether to lattice your pie dough, to simply apply them in straight lines, or to leave the center of the pie bare and simply line the perimeter of the pie circle with a braided edge.

Your guests won’t know whether to admire your pie or eat it (but we’re betting the latter will win out).

Still a Traditionalist at Heart?

Take a look at our video for how to crimp and lattice pie dough, for a more classic way to style your pie. Enjoy!

The easiest way for prettier pies

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