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Perhaps someone remembers, I've already written about small, fine delicacies—it was about petit fours, a French confectionary. Today, however, it's all about mini Swiss rolls, with their wonderfully airy dough, a light cream, and a chocolate icing that cracks nicely when you bite into them (with a little trick).

Our mission is: Anyone can cook—or bake! I'm convinced this is true and that's why, together with my colleagues, I always try to include recipes and stories in our editorial plan to show you that it also applies to recipes that seem a bit more complicated at first glance—like these adorable mini Swiss rolls.

What makes the perfect sponge cake roll?

Or rather, here at Kitchen Stories, we like to ask who?—who makes the perfect sponge cake rolls? Hanna makes the perfect sponge rolls! Our chef and baking fairy tested and tinkered with this recipe with a lot of dedication and perfectionism until she was completely satisfied with the consistency, taste, and appearance. The result is a chocolaty mini Swiss roll that disappeared from the test kitchen faster than you could say "Swiss roll".

Looked at from a more objective point of view: Swiss Rolls are sweet and light, and it's what I imagine walking on clouds to be like. And Hanna's mini version—fluffy, delicate, and delightfully adorable—is just that.

The sponge cake

Finely sifted flour, stiffly beaten egg whites, and in this case, a touch of cocoa powder—these components together make for an airy and fluffy sponge cake. It's important that there are no lumps in the flour, and that the egg whites are carefully folded in, so that you'll have a nice aerated cake that's not only delicate, but also elastic enough for you to roll it up without any cracks—and thus, become a favorite on the coffee table. These mini Swiss rolls work on the same principle. However, because of their size, they are ideal for bakers who are trying out a Swiss roll for the first time.

The filling

My favorite version of Swiss roll is a light, classic vanilla dough filled with whipped cream and a touch of lemon and fresh strawberries—it's just heavenly! Other seasonal fruits can also be mixed into the cream, quark, or chocolate cream. However you choose to fill your sponge cakes, the Swiss roll should taste light and airy as described above.

The decoration

Cake decoration can sometimes sound sophisticated and daunting, but it absolutely doesn't have to be. For example, set aside some of the whipped cream for the cake filling, and put it into a piping bag to make delicate shapes and ornaments on the rolls. You can also turn to your pantry where you'll probably already have more ingredients than you think for decorating, like chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, chopped pistachios, dried fruits, or even flower petals.

If you like to keep things simple, sprinkle the rolls with powdered sugar, or drizzle melted chocolate over everything. For those who want to flourish their rolls a bit more, like Hanna, you can watch the following video for tips and tricks. She'll show you exactly which trick and which ingredient makes chocolate icing crackle beautifully after it has set. Bake this recipe and make your grandma, yourself, and Hanna proud!

Make mini Swiss roll cakes with Hanna

Make mini Swiss roll cakes with Hanna

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