Are We All Over the Rainbow Trend Yet?

Milena Zwerenz


When I was a kid, I did not really care about the taste of food. I secretly smuggled everything in the shopping cart that looked colorful and promised fun: Bubblegum, Nerds, Fun Dip. If I were still five years old, the rainbow trend would send me into rapture: colorful cakes, bagels, muffins.

So. Many. Colors. The problem: I‘m not five years old anymore – but this trend is still there.

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It‘s not only children who celebrate the rainbow trend, but above all reasonable, logical-minded adults. As if suddenly a unicorn had flown over the world and painted everything technicolor. Well-known products began to shine in new splendor – how exciting!

There’s no doubt, a colorful bagel looks crazy at first view and really impressive in photos. Pinterest loves the rainbow trend. But what happens after the social media post? Do you really want to eat this colorful mass?

Maybe it takes a rainbow schnitzel to finally end this trend. Perhaps we also recognize that natural color and flavor always tastes better. A rainbow is only truly something special when it is rarely seen in the sky.

Kitchen Stories

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