Vegan coco cookies

Vegan coco cookies

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Diniz Janssen

Diniz Janssen

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"I recently started eating vegan and I love to experience with making vegan meals. These have been my favorite cookies to make ever since! "


Easy 👌


30 min


15 min


30 min


33⅓ g
16⅔ g
15 g
dark brown sugar
baking soda
vanilla sugar
18⅓ g
plant-based butter
vanilla extract
10 ml
coconut milk
ground cinnamon
3⅓ g
unsweetened coconut flakes

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  • Step 1/ 9

    Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees. Prepare an oven tray with a baking sheet and cooking spray.

  • Step 2/ 9

    • 33⅓ g flour
    • 16⅔ g sugar
    • 15 g dark brown sugar
    • tbsp baking soda
    • tbsp vanilla sugar
    • tbsp ground cinnamon
    • tsp salt

    Mix the flour, sugar, dark brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, baking soda and vanilla sugar together.

  • Step 3/ 9

    • 18⅓ g plant-based butter
    • 10 ml coconut milk

    Mix the butter and the coconut milk with a mixer. I prefer using sweetened coconut milk, but either way is fine!

  • Step 4/ 9

    • tsp vanilla extract

    Add the vanilla extract to the butter mixture and mix again.

  • Step 5/ 9

    Knead the butter mix and dry ingredients together with your hands until a ball of dough forms. If the dough feels wet and sticky, add more dough. If the dough feels too dry and does not stick, add a little butter.

  • Step 6/ 9

    • 3⅓ g unsweetened coconut flakes

    Knead the coconut flakes through the dough. If you like, you could also add dried strawberries!

  • Step 7/ 9

    Wrap the dough in plastic foil and let rest in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. This way, the butter hardens and the cookies will bake more evenly!

  • Step 8/ 9

    Grab the dough and split it up evenly in twelve little balls. Put them on the baking tray and put this in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Step 9/ 9

    Let rest until completely cooled down. Enjoy!

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Vegan coco cookies


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