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Traditional czech pudding cake

Traditional czech pudding cake

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"So easy, so delicious. Bon apetit! in czech Dobrou chuť!"
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30 min
45 min
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egg yolks
egg whites
puff pastry sheets
¼ l
30 g
corn starch
2 g
vanilla sugar
60 g
  • Step 1/ 8

    • sheets puff pastry sheets

    Bake both pieces of the puff pastry. They should be spread out as much as they can.

  • Step 2/ 8

    Let’s make the pudding!

  • Step 3/ 8

    • egg yolks
    • ¼ l milk
    • 30 g corn starch

    Take about 1/3 milk and mix it with cornstarch and egg yolk.

  • Step 4/ 8

    • 60 g sugar

    Mix the rest of the milk with the sugar and heat it up.

  • Step 5/ 8

    Mix the cornstarch texture with the milk and sugar. Don’t stop heating it up and stir it very properly. It hardens pretty quickly, so keep mixing it.

  • Step 6/ 8

    • egg whites
    • 2 g vanilla sugar

    Let the mixture cool down for a moment. Whip egg whites with vanilla sugar and add it gently to the pudding mixture.

  • Step 7/ 8

    Brush one baked puff pastry with the pudding. Put the other pastry on it.

  • Step 8/ 8

    Bon apetit! Dobrou chuť!

    Bon apetit! Dobrou chuť!

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Traditional czech pudding cake


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