soft and perfect - chocolate cake

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“First I thought it would be a total dry and spongy cake but it turned out to be really gooey and wet ( even after two days) so try it out! Maybe a chocolate ganache or sauce would be perfect?”


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140 g flour
200 g sugar
55 g unsweetened cocoa powder
½ package baking powder
1 pinch salt
120 ml milk
60 ml oil
2 dashes vanilla extract
120 ml boiling water


  • baking dish
  • oil or butter
  • 2 bowls
  • sieve (optional)
  • oven
  • 2 whisks
  • Step 1/7

    • baking dish
    • oil or butter

    preparing the baking dish by putting some oil or softened butter all over the baking dish - or maybe a baking paper - but i don't really think that's necessary

  • Step 2/7

    • 140 g flour
    • 200 g sugar
    • 55 g unsweetened cocoa powder
    • ½ package baking powder
    • 1 pinch salt
    • bowl
    • sieve (optional)

    Get a big bowl and put all of the dry ingredients in it - if you want, you can sift the flour and the cocoa powder -

  • Step 3/7

    • oven

    PREHEAT THE OVEN - thanks for your attention - to 160° C

  • Step 4/7

    • egg
    • 120 ml milk
    • 60 ml oil
    • 2 dashes vanilla extract
    • bowl
    • whisk

    now you need another bowl and there we gonna put in the egg, the oil, the milk and the vanilla extract. don't forget to whisk them up well

  • Step 5/7

    • whisk

    get your whisk or your hand blender and meanwhile pour the egg - milk- oil mixture slightly into the flour - mixture. while mixing them up. You won't need really long to mix them up but please not more than 1 minute.

  • Step 6/7

    • 120 ml boiling water

    make sure your water is hot af so - boiling. because this is the ultimate special ingredient why it's so perfect. Pour the water slighty into the mixture and mix it. Then it's finally ready.

  • Step 7/7

    Pour the mixture into the baking dish and put it into the preheated oven (160°C) for around 30-35 minutes. Make sure it's not raw - especially in the middle of the dish.

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