Scallion scones with bacon and goat cheese

Scallion scones with bacon and goat cheese

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"This recipe is inspired by my days working the morning shift at Baked & Wired, a bakery in Washington, D.C. There was no better surprise than being handed a scone, fresh from the oven, while I whipped up the first batch of cupcakes for the day at 7 am. The recipe is forgiving of whatever fresh ingredients you have, but I particularly like the combination of scallions, bacon, and goat cheese. If you don’t have buttermilk, squeeze a little lemon juice into whole milk for an easy substitute. #stayhomekeepcooking"
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15 min
15 min
60 min


60 g
½ tsp
¼ tbsp
baking powder
37½ g
flaky sea salt (for sprinkling)
  • Step 1/4
    • 60 g flour
    • tsp salt
    • ½ tsp sugar
    • ¼ tbsp baking powder
    • 15 g butter (cold)

    In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder. Add cubed cold butter and use your fingers to work it into the flour, coating the butter well and breaking it into walnut-sized pieces as you go.

  • Step 2/4
    • 30 g fresh goat cheese
    • 10 g scallions
    • 50 ml buttermilk
    • 37½ g bacon

    Fry the bacon until crispy and set aside to cool and drain on a sheet of paper towel. Roughly chop or crumble with your fingers. Chop the scallions and crumble the goat cheese. Add bacon, scallions, and goat cheese to flour mixture and stir to combine, then add the buttermilk and mix until a shaggy dough forms.

  • Step 3/4
    • flour (for dusting)

    Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and shape into a disk, approximately 7 in./17 cm in diameter. If you have time, wrap the dough in plastic and chill for 1 hr. before proceeding for best results. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 425°F/220°C, then use a dough cutter or knife to cut dough into 8 triangles and transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet.

  • Step 4/4
    • buttermilk (for coating)
    • flaky sea salt (for sprinkling)

    Brush the scones with more buttermilk and sprinkle with flaky sea salt. Bake for approx. 15 - 20 min., or until golden brown. Enjoy warm or at room temperature.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Scallion scones with bacon and goat cheese



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