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How to truss a meat roast

How to truss a meat roast

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Christian Ruß

Christian Ruß

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    Roll the meat into a log. Wrap kitchen twine around one end of the meat roast and tie a double knot in the middle. Make a loop lengthwise around the whole meat. Then make individual loops crosswise, leaving 2 cm between each loop.

  • Step 2/ 4

    Turn around the meat roast carefully and cut the twine, leaving a tail of approx. 10 cm longer than the whole meat roast.

  • Step 3/ 4

    Use the thread to go around the loops in the middle until it's tied to all the loops.

  • Step 4/ 4

    Tie it with the thread from the other side, make a double knot with both threads, and cut out the thread.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    How to truss a meat roast


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