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How to cut olives

How to cut olives

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  • Mediterranean Goodness

    Olives are a true staple of Mediterranean cuisine and an amazing source of healthy fat, which is why we like to press them to extract their green-gold oil. But the fruits themselves are also absolutely delicious and very diverse, as olives come in many varieties from black Kalamata to green Manzanilla. The shade of each kind of olive is a sign of ripeness—the darker the fruit, the riper it is. Picked from picturesque trees, the olives are then cured to make the olives edible. Moreover, removing the pit is not as difficult as you might think, so check out our video and cut the olives yourself instead of buying readily chopped or pitted ones.

  • A Versatile Delicacy

    Thanks to their complex taste composition, olives are the perfect food for all sorts of tapenades and salads. They’re the perfect addition to any Mediterranean stew or sauce and make for a great dinner party appetizer with their pungent flavors.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    How to cut olives


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