Fragrant Banana

Fragrant Banana

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Lian Na

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"This is a kind of street food in Indonesia, especially in Bandung where I live in. The granulated sugar will be caramelized when it is fried. It's perfectly combined with the banana and the crunchy spring roll skin. A very delicious snack of banana is waiting for you to complete with a super easy step."
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ripe horn banana (cooking banana)
2 pinches
granulated sugar
2 sheets
spring roll skin
egg white
cooking oil


knife, cutting board, wok, spatula

  • Step 1/ 4

    • cooking oil
    • knife
    • cutting board

    Cut 1 hand of horn banana into 8 pieces (sticks)

  • Step 2/ 4

    • 2 pinches granulated sugar

    Put a piece of banana on the spring roll skin. 1 spring roll skin for 1 piece of banana.

  • Step 3/ 4

    • ¼ ripe horn banana (cooking banana)
    • 2 sheets spring roll skin

    Before you roll the banana in the spring roll skin, put a pinch of granulated sugar on top of the banana. Then, spread the eggwhite around the skin. Now is time to roll it, make sure the skin wrap the banana perfectly.

  • Step 4/ 4

    • ¼ egg white
    • wok
    • spatula

    Fry until the pieces reach that beautiful golden brown

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Fragrant Banana


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