When Chocolate Meets Peanut Butter: Half-and-half Cookies

When Chocolate Meets Peanut Butter: Half-and-half Cookies

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When we think of the perfect cookie, we imagine a soft inside, golden brown outer and slightly crispy edges. Our community recipe of the week by our member Caoili McGrath has got it all and brings together two irresistible ingredients: chocolate and peanut butter. If you're also a fan of this combination, congratulations, you've now found your new favorite cookies recipe!

Half-and-half cookies with peanut butter

Half-and-half cookies with peanut butter
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Why you should bake these cookies right now

At first glance, these cookies might seem complex, but you all you basically need is a hand mixer and two mixing bowls. Thanks to the simple pantry ingredients, there's nothing to hold you back from spontaneous cookie cravings. First you prepare a simple chocolate and peanut butter dough, then you roll each dough into small balls, and press them together to form the half and half cookies.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of peanut butter or chocolate (something that we can hardly imagine), it's easy to switch in your favorite ingredients to this recipe. Chopped nuts work as great as spices such as cardamom, cinnamon or gingerbread spice that will give these cookies a touch of Christmas.

In order to enjoy these cookies as long as possible, store them in an airtight container to keep them soft. You can also add a pirce of bread into the container, that will help to keep the cookies moist. Alternatively, microwave them for approx. 15 seconds with a glass of water next to the cookies.

You want to freeze the cookies? Separated by parchment paper and wrapped in plastic wrap, you can freeze them for several weeks. If you want to serve them. only remove them from the freezer some hours in advance and thaw them on a plate.

3 tips and tricks for this recipe

Raw sugar: You'll often find brown sugar in baking recipes, but did you know that it significantly increases the chewiness of cookies? On the other hand, using white sugar will help yield a crispier texture, so this recipe uses the best of both worlds for the perfect texture. Another tip: Light brown sugar is an less-processed version of raw sugar and will give your dough a unique caramel flavor. Try it our when baking our community recipe!

Cool the dough: Perfect cookies take time, so don't skip the step of cooling the dough for at least 30 minutes before forming it into balls. This way, it's easier to work with it and the cooled butter will keep the dough together and makes sure that the cookies won't spread too much in the oven. The result: the famous chewiness.

Set the timer: For this recipe, the given baking time is really important! Don't worry if the cookies still look kind of raw when removing them from the oven – it's meant to be like this and the cookies become firm while cooling down. If you bake them too long, they'll be dry and hard. Waiting approx. 10 minutes to let them cool first on the baking sheet also means they'll be easier to remove.

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Published on October 15, 2018

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