What’s Cooking at Kitchen Stories?

What’s Cooking at Kitchen Stories?

Take a peek behind the scenes of our productions

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Melina Jana Lattuf

Melina Jana Lattuf

Food Editor at Kitchen Stories


In our new video series, we’ll share with you the steps we take before a recipe lands in your app. This article is the first in our exclusive behind-the-scenes series “What’s cooking at Kitchen Stories?”

Over the course of 3 articles, we’ll take you with us on a behind-the-scenes tour of our productions, equipped with our camera and a few interview questions. We’ll visit 3 members of our team as they get to work in our spacious, super-equipped show kitchens: you’ll see just how important a part they play! So join us on our tour to see how we make the content that gets onto your screens…and your plates!

Here's the trailer to our new video series!

Behind the Scenes with next125 - Trailer

Behind the Scenes with next125 - Trailer

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Welcome to our stunning show kitchens!

The first stop on our tour is our test kitchen. Most of the time, this is where we’ll find our energetic chef Christian, who usually gets to work early in the morning. Hanna, our other chef and an equal early bird can also often be found here, getting ready for the day and making a head start on recipes. The test kitchen is primarily the domain of our chefs and is the meeting point for trying our recipes; so you’ll often find the editors and social media editors dropping by too!

The testing process involves exactly what the name suggests: Our chefs and editors pitch recipes—both off the top of their head and based on thorough research, but mostly somewhere in between—and put them to the test in the kitchen. Often, the most creative part is the cooking process, as this involves experimenting with seasoning, techniques, and flavor profiles. Testing is a key part of our production process. We never shoot recipes that we have not tested beforehand!

It’s all about being prepared!

The second stop on our tour of the Kitchen Stories office will involve meeting Lisa as she prepares a recipe shoot in our mustard-yellow kitchen. Lisa has been working with us as an editor for 3 years. She brings a well-trained eye and years of experience to the production process, paying attention to every detail in the kitchen, which comes alive in the photos and videos.

The “Mustard” kitchen, named after its color, as you might have already noticed, is just one of a total of 4 next125 show kitchens in our office. Each one is fully-equipped and has its own special features. For each shoot, we choose the kitchen that is best suited to the campaign or recipe. The atmosphere in the Mustard kitchen today is relaxed and homely, featuring lots of plants and many, many cookbooks. Before each shoot, we style the kitchens to match the desired atmosphere.

Our favorite part: digging in!

Our third stop involves what has to be one of the most exciting parts of the process: shooting day. We’ll visit our chef Hanna in the “Pepper” kitchen, where a recipe shoot is taking place with a small photo team.

In Hanna’s opinion, the black kitchen is great for down-to-earth recipes and for fancier ones that she loves to give a unique twist. She finds pleasure in dusting the dark countertop with a handful of flour or watching creamy caramel melt in pan. And we love to watch her do so!

Each production boils down to our love of cooking!

At each stage in the production process, some of our favorite moments are when we get together to try our cooked or baked creations. Often, we find ourselves standing around one of the large kitchen islands all saying “mmm”, in unison. We’ll be honest, pretty often, the dishes don’t ever leave the shoot kitchen!

We hope this article gave you a little peek into the Kitchen Stories production process, and hopefully you're looking forward to finding out more about our productions. Keep an eye out for the next 3 articles and the exclusive behind-the-scenes videos that we filmed for you with our kitchen manufacturer next125.

Published on March 7, 2022

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