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We’re Releasing a Cookbook, and You Can Be a Part of It!

We’re Releasing a Cookbook, and You Can Be a Part of It!

Here’s how to see your recipe in the Kitchen Stories Cookbook

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Editorial Team at Kitchen Stories

For several weeks, we’ve been working on something big, something new, something exciting–for us and for you. It’s finally time to announce it: the Kitchen Stories cookbook will be published in 2020 together with Penguin!

Since 2014, we’ve published thousands of digital recipes (and will continue to do so, of course!), but from this year on, you’ll be able hold them in your hands, flick through them, write down your own notes, dog ear your favorites, and “embellish” them with a few saucy stains.

Staying true to our motto “Anyone Can Cook,” our cookbook will provide you with plenty of no-fuss weeknight dinner recipes that inspire both beginners and more experienced home cooks to switch up their routines. In addition to some of our most popular dishes that you already know from our app, we’ll publish plenty of new, cookbook-exclusive recipes.

But we saved the best for last: You, too, can become part of the Kitchen Stories cookbook and see your own recipe immortalized on its pages! How? Just submit your very best, simple, and quick weeknight dinners that you think the world needs to try.

Upload your recipe to our mobile apps on iOS or Android by January 31, 2020. If you want to help us find your recipe quicker, just mention our cookbook in the chef’s note that you can add at the end of the recipe uploading process, and tell us why we should try this dish!

Check back with us to find more information about the release of our cookbook soon!

Published on January 16, 2020

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