A Trick for Better Layer Cakes

A Trick for Better Layer Cakes

Primed to perfection.

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Like you would primer before paint, applying a crumb coat to a layer cake adds a bit more time to the decorating process, but it also makes for a much easier and cleaner application of the final layer of frosting. By covering the cake in a first coat of frosting and then chilling it, you seal in any loose crumbs that can otherwise litter the final layer of frosting. You also have the opportunity to even out the sides and top of the cake with this preliminary frosting layer by filling in holes and indents.
You’ll be amazed how effective the crumb coat is when it comes time to frost the cake—you may never skip it again.

How to crumb coat a cake

How to crumb coat a cake

  • 01:46 min.

What You'll Need:

buttercream or ganache for frosting layer cake
cake turntable (optional) offset spatula rubber spatula small mixing bowl

Published on September 25, 2016

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