The Science Behind The Perfect Brownie

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Surpassed in its Americanness only by apple pie, the brownie has been a mainstay of North American confectionery tradition since its invention in 1893 at the Chicago Palmer House Hotel, when wealthy socialite Mrs. Bertha Potter Palmer asked her chef to create a dessert for ladies to eat at the Columbian exposition that could easily be tucked away in a lunch box. The original recipe included an apricot glaze and walnuts, which is how brownies are still served at what is now The Palmer House Hilton. Over a century later, you’ll now find myriad different recipes and equally many, more or less well-founded, opinions on how a brownie is supposed to be prepared and served. Whether you enjoy it sprinkled with powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream, à la mode, or prefer to enjoy it by its own in all its fudgy glory, there is actually no wrong way to eat a brownie. Watch Thomas Joseph's highly delish brownie recipe above or flip through the Kitchen Stories archive for some brownie goodness. But first, be sure check out our brownie-themed shopping list below for some inspiration.

Triple Blend & Black Baking Cocoa Powders

To turn the chocolateness up to eleven, settle for no less than this pair of assorted baking cocoa powder. It includes a triple Dutch blend and a super dark black Dutch-process cocoa for the darkest, most delicious brownies you’ll ever taste.
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Dark Milk with Fleur de Sel

Chocolate with Fleur de Sel might be an aquired taste, but trust me, once you’ve sprinkled some of it on your brownies, you’ll never want to miss it ever again.
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3-Piece White Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Besides being a sleek addition to every kitchen, these vintage style glass bowls are just perfect for preparing Brownie dough – and any other dough of your choice.
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Measuring Spoons Necklace

You love baking? Let people know and flaunt this whimsical measuring spoon necklace. It is available in both 14 karat gold and sterling silver.
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Food52 "Baking" Book

We made it our mission to provide you with the best recipes around, which sometimes means forwarding you to another great source outside of the Kitchen Stories App. So if you’re looking for some additional inspiration, check out this neat book by our fellow foodies over at Food52.
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