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The "For You" feed in Kitchen Stories Plus

The "For You" feed in Kitchen Stories Plus

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Editorial Team at Kitchen Stories

Hello from the Kitchen Stories team,

With our premium app extension, Kitchen Stories Plus, we’ve not only made it our mission to enrich your cooking experience, but also to make it more personalized. That's why we're delighted to introduce you to our latest feature: the "For You" feed.

Are you frustrated by the constant, time-consuming search for suitable recipes? Cooking is a matter of taste and it's not always easy to find recipes that match your dietary requirements, cooking expertise or favorite cuisines. With the "For You" feed, we’re providing a solution to promote and celebrate your individual taste!

What is the "For You" feed?

The "For You" feed reflects your personal culinary preferences and helps you save valuable time when searching for suitable recipes. After answering a short questionnaire, you’ll be shown recipes and content customized for you in this new, exclusive section of the app. All suggestions are based on your taste, nutritional requirements and your interactions in the app. Don't worry though, the familiar Kitchen Stories feed with general recipes and other culinary content will remain accessible to you for inspiration.

To access your personalized feed, first make sure that you have the latest version of the Kitchen Stories app installed. Once you’ve started your Kitchen Stories Plus free trial, you can fill out the "For You" questionnaire during onboarding to immediately receive personalized content in the "For You" feed. If no diets and country cuisines have been specified, personalized content will only be displayed to a limited extent.

As a little taster, we are also offering limited access to the "For You" feed to users who do not yet have a Plus membership.

Try this and other Plus features for free for 14 days directly in the Kitchen Stories app!

As always, you can share any questions or feedback about the new updates with us here as a comment, via email to, or via our social media channels.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and contribution as part of the Kitchen Stories community! We look forward to continuing to improve your experience with Kitchen Stories in the future, and we're sure Kitchen Stories Plus is a big step in that direction.

Your Kitchen Stories team


How can I access the For you feed?
The For You feed can be found in the Kitchen Stories Home on the top right of the screen. To access it, users can simply tap on the For You tab or swipe left.

How does the For You Feed work?
The For You Feed is a feature that provides recipe suggestions based on unique/specified food preferences and interaction with the Kitchen Stories app.

We use learning algorithms to create a personalized experience that evolves with each use.

What can I access if I’m not a Kitchen Stories Plus user?
Users without a Kitchen Stories Plus subscription only have access to three recipe modules from on For You Feed, including a recipe of the day. As a Plus member, you have access to the entire For You feed.

Can I manually customize my feed?
For now, you can customize the For You feed based on your diet and favorite cuisines.

How often is the For You feed updated?
The For You feed is updated every day – or whenever you change your food preferences. Make sure to check your feed every day to view our latest recipes, handpicked just for you.

Can I still explore other recipes outside of my personal feed?
Of course! While the For You Feed offers a personalised selection of recipes tailored to you, you can still explore and have access to all recipes on the Kitchen Stories platform. The For You feed is designed to enhance your experience, not limit it. So feel free to venture beyond and discover new culinary experiences.

Is the For You feed available for all types of cuisine?
The For You Feed currently focuses on curating a selection of recipes from a carefully chosen range of cuisines.. That being said, our goal is to ensure that the curated recipes align with your preferences, and we are working to introduce more cuisines to provide a diverse and enriching culinary experience. If you think there is a cuisine missing, we’d love to hear from you: link to survey.

Is the For You available for all types of diets?
The For You Feed currently lets you select a variety of diets. We're dedicated to ensuring these recipes match your preferences. We're also working on developing this selection for an even richer culinary experience. If you think there is a diet missing, we’d love to hear from you: link to survey.

How can I provide feedback on the recipes in my Personalized Feed?
We want to hear from you. Your insights help us make Kitchen Stories even better! If you would like to give feedback on the For You feed feature, we’d appreciate it if you filled out our short survey: link to survey.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us by email via or schedule a call with our product team using this link.

Are the recipes in the For You feed updated regularly?
Yes. The recipes on the For You feed are updated on a daily basis. That means that our users will discover new recipes each day they explore the For You feed – or whenever they change their food preferences.

What is the difference between "Editor’s choice" and "For You"?
The "For You" feed showcases recipe recommendations based on our users’ food preferences, providing a personalized experience.

In contrast, the "Editor's Choice" features recipes selected by our editorial team, providing a curated selection.

Why do I have to pay for it? And what is the price for it?
The For You feed is part of Kitchen Stories Plus, our premium subscription. Users without a Plus subscription still have access to selected personalized recipes each day.

There are two plans for Kitchen Stories Plus: yearly –24,99 euros per year– and monthly –4,99 euros per month.

Users can start a free 14-day trial to try out new features before committing to a paid subscription.

Published on April 24, 2024

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