In many parts of the world, eating crabs is as much a matter of cultural heritage as it is of enjoyment. While it is undeniably tasty, with its hard shell and nooks and crannies with morsels hidden in them, many people don’t know how to tackle eating them. If you’re not squeamish, we’ll teach you how to eat a crab using only a pair of kitchen scissors:

1) Pull out legs and claws in a circular motion. 2) Pull out the upper half of the shell. 3) Some people love the greenish innards of the crab. If that’s your thing, spoon it out. 4) Remove the gills and discard. 5) Break the body in half and extract the meat at the base of the legs. 6) Use the scissors to cut open the shell encasing the legs. Use the tip of the scissors to push out the meat. 7) Cut open the claws and pull out the meat.

How to eat crab

  • 0:41 min.

Go ahead and try it! You’ll learn in no time that these little critters are full of tasty fun!

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