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Zobo Drink

Zobo Drink

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"This is a common Nigerian (West African Country) drink that is versatile and can be sweetened with a myriad of things. I used red grapes because I wanted the sugar source to be from a fairly available fruit. If grapes aren't readily available in your location you could try other sweet juicy fruits like oranges or you could just use sugar or honey."
Easy 👌
60 min
0 min
30 min


15 g
rose hip-hibiscus tea
3 g
300 g
seedless red grapes
400 ml


food processor, blender, fine sieve, pot, bowl, cup (for serving), glass (for serving), pitcher (for serving)

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  • Step 1/ 4

    • 15 g rose hip-hibiscus tea
    • 3 g cloves
    • 400 ml water

    Add the cloves and Hibiscus tea leaves into the infuser compartment of an electric kettle and fill it with approximately 2 litres of drinking water. Set the temperature to 85 degrees Celsius, boil and allow to cool.

  • Step 2/ 4

    • 300 g seedless red grapes
    • food processor
    • blender

    With your blender or food processor, blend your freshly plucked 1.5kg of seedless red grapes.

  • Step 3/ 4

    • fine sieve
    • pot
    • bowl

    Using a tiny holed hand sieved and large bowl or pot, strain the blended grape juice with the seive. Once done add the cooled zobo cloves tea.

  • Step 4/ 4

    • cup (for serving)
    • glass (for serving)
    • pitcher (for serving)

    Finally pour your drink into pitchers and refrigerate. Serve as is in a cup/glass or with a sweet citrus slice like oranges grapefruit or lemon

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    Zobo Drink


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