Vegan seitan tacos

Vegan seitan tacos

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Antonio Arce

Antonio Arce

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60 min
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¼ kg
100 g
125 g
corn tortillas
25 g
pickled jalapeños


3 cutting boards, sauté pan, food processor, bowl, nonstick pan

  • Step 1/4

    • 1 onions
    • ¼ kg tomato
    • salt
    • 100 g Seitan
    • 25 ml olive oil
    • cutting board
    • sauté pan

    First thing is making the core of the dish: the protein. Chop some onion and fine-cut 1 tomato. Cut the seitan in small strips. Next, heat the pan and add some oil. When the pan is warm, sauté the onion for about 1 minute. Add the seitan and sauté for another 2 minutes. Then add the tomatoes and the vegetable broth and let it cook for another 5 minutes. Once it’s done, reserve. PS You can get seitan in different ways: make it from scratch, buy the powder or just buy a package cook-ready.

  • Step 2/4

    • 1 limes
    • kg broccoli
    • 25 g pickled jalapeños
    • cutting board
    • food processor

    Making the broccomole is quite simple (if you have a food processor). Just cut the broccoli, onion and 1 tomato in cubes. Then, add those ingredients to the food processor and select a coarse chop. Add olive oil and lemon gradually, according to your taste. I personally don’t like the very liquid guacamole texture. If you don’t have a food processor, cutting the ingredients very fine and mixing them in a bowl should also work.

  • Step 3/4

    • 25 g parsley
    • 25 g radishes
    • cutting board
    • bowl

    Next step: making a fresh salad. A taco always needs some fresh and juicy topping. Fin cut the rest of the tomatoes, the radishes and the parsley. Put them in a bowl, and add lemon and salt according to your wish. Tip: if you have picked onions, this is a great way to use them.

  • Step 4/4

    • 125 g corn tortillas
    • nonstick pan

    Serving a taco is an art. Heat a tortilla first. Once heated, add the cooked seitan first. Then add some broccomole and top it with some fresh salad. Enjoy! PS. Don’t forget to tilt your head when you eat a taco, this is the Mexican way ;)

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Vegan seitan tacos



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