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Vegan Farmers bread

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Easy 👌
15 min
50 min
60 min


600 g
whole-grain flour
400 g
whole-wheat flour
20 g
active dry yeast
10 tbsp
2 sprig
2 tsp
cumin seed
2 tsp
700 ml
  • Step 1/ 6

    • 400 g whole-wheat flour
    • 20 g active dry yeast
    • 2 tsp salt
    • 700 ml water

    Put the wheat flour in a bowl. Pour the yeast and a teaspoon of Salt into the bowl and add some water. Cover and leave in a warm place for 20 minutes. During this time the yeast may dissolve and start to swell.

  • Step 2/ 6

    • 600 g whole-grain flour
    • 10 tbsp vinegar
    • 2 tsp cumin seed

    Add the whole-grain flour, cumin and vinegar and the rest of the water and knead everything thoroughly. Cover and leave to swell for at least another hour in a warm place.

  • Step 3/ 6

    Preheat the oven to 250 degrees.

  • Step 4/ 6

    • 2 sprig beer

    Knead the dough again. If it is too moist and sticky, knead in some more flour. Then form a round loaf on a floured work surface. Brush it with some beer, cut the surface and add some flour on top.

  • Step 5/ 6

    Place a small pot of water on the bottom of the oven. That's how a steam can be created in the oven for a crusty top. Put the dough on the middle of the shelf and bake for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees

  • Step 6/ 6

    Then turn down to 220 degrees and bake for about 40 to 50 minutes. The bread is ready when it sounds hollow when you knock on the bottom.


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