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Super easy blender hollandaise

Super easy blender hollandaise

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Christian Ruß

Christian Ruß

Test Kitchen Manager and Chef at Kitchen Stories
"Quick and easy Hollandaise? Yes we can! This recipe is for everyone who finds homemade Hollandaise sauce hard to get right, or just wants to whip up a quick sauce in no time. Forget every other Hollandaise recipe and enjoy this fuss-free, foolproof recipe for perfect Hollandaise every time. For the ingredients, make sure the eggs are already at room temperature and not straight out of the fridge. Also, if the eggs are very small, it would be better to use 3 yolks. Don’t use clarified butter (ghee) here; the classic unsalted one works best. Another important part is to pour all the butter in with milk solids and all (including the whey proteins and foamy flakes). You may find the sauce to be thicker at first when you add the melted butter into the egg mix, but once all the milk solids go in you'll see that the sauce loosens, and a perfectly-thick-but-pourable consistency is achieved."
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10 min
0 min
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125 g
¾ tbsp
lemon juice


2 bowls (small), saucepan, cooking spoon, liquid measuring cup, immersion blender

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Nutrition per serving

Fat53 g
Protein3 g
Carb1 g
  • Step 1/ 2

    • 1 eggs
    • 125 g butter
    • ¾ tbsp lemon juice
    • salt
    • pepper
    • 2 bowls (small)
    • saucepan
    • cooking spoon
    • liquid measuring cup

    Separate the eggs, keeping the yolks in a small bowl and saving the whites for another recipe. Melt the butter in a saucepan, being careful not to let it brown. Mix egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a measuring cup.

  • Step 2/ 2

    • immersion blender

    Slowly stream the melted, still-warm butter into the egg mixture while constantly blending with the blender. Once you’ve added all the butter, the mixture should be thick, fluffy, and smooth. Add a little water one tablespoon at a time to adjust the thickness to your liking. Season to taste and serve immediately!

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Super easy blender hollandaise

The best combo is, of course, Hollandaise, asparagus, and potatoes. Otherwise, steamed vegetables, poached eggs (hello, Eggs Benedict!), fish, and meat pair excellently with Hollandaise. You can also use it in your favorite casseroles or as a pasta sauce for a different saucy twist. In any case, it adds a rich, creamy, and luxurious taste to your dishes.


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