Strawberry single cups

Strawberry single cups

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Antigone Tsiplakidis

Antigone Tsiplakidis

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181 min


crème pâtissière
instant cream-flavored pudding mix
45½ g
digestive biscuits
14½ g
272¾ g
Whipping cream (optional)
218⅛ ml
cold milk for the creme
63⅝ ml
milk for the pudding
Glasses (250ml)
Any topping you like, like nuts, peppermint, chocolate.


Small plastic cup, Pastry bag

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  • Step 1/ 10

    • 45½ g digestive biscuits

    Put the biscuits in a ziplock bag, crush them and put them in a bowl

  • Step 2/ 10

    • 14½ g butter

    Add melted butter and mix well

  • Step 3/ 10

    • Small plastic cup

    Pour the biscuit mix into the glasses and press with a smaller plastic cup till evenly on the bottom

  • Step 4/ 10

    Put the glasses on a tablet and in the refrigerator

  • Step 5/ 10

    • bags crème pâtissière
    • 218⅛ ml cold milk for the creme

    Put the milk into a mixer, add the creme patissiere and mix for 5 minutes, set aside in a bowl

  • Step 6/ 10

    • bag instant cream-flavored pudding mix
    • 63⅝ ml milk for the pudding

    Put the milk and the pudding into the mixer and mix for 5 minutes

  • Step 7/ 10

    Add the Creme patissiere into the pudding and mix for a minute

  • Step 8/ 10

    • 272¾ g strawberries

    Keep 11 strawberries uncut, cut the rest into little pieces

  • Step 9/ 10

    • Pastry bag

    Take the glasses from the refrigerator, add a portion of Creme mix, then strawberries, then cream again, then strawberries and top it with the whole strawberry or put a small amount of whipping cream first

  • Step 10/ 10

    Put any topping you like

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Strawberry single cups


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