Sandwich Salmon

Sandwich Salmon

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10 min


6 min


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sourdough bread
feta cheese
smoked salmon
garlic powder
chili flakes
Garlic herb seasoning
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

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  • Step 1/ 7

    • 4 sourdough bread
    • Garlic herb seasoning
    • olive oil

    Brush the slices in a small amount of olive oil and and drop gently around the pan some garlic herb seasoning. After the slices are quite crispy remove it.

  • Step 2/ 7

    • 2 eggs

    Boiled the eggs during 5 minutes then cut each one in 3 slices.

  • Step 3/ 7

    • feta cheese

    After taking away all the hot bread in the pan, place 3 dices of feta cheese on one slice of bread. Repeat for another one. So you should have 2 slices of bread and 6 dices in total. Let it melt a bit and use a spoon to spread easily the rest.

  • Step 4/ 7

    • 1 avocado
    • garlic powder
    • chili flakes
    • salt

    Take one avocado, cut it half, and crush everything in a pot. Add the garlic powder, the Chili flakes, and a bit of salt. You should smell the garlic , and the avocado much more because of the garlic who intensified the flavour. Apply the all on two slices(not the ones with the feta)

  • Step 5/ 7

    • spinach
    • balsamic vinegar

    With some fresh young spinach leaves, mixed the all with the balsamic vinegar.

  • Step 6/ 7

    • smoked salmon

    Separated 2 nice slices of smocked salmon.

  • Step 7/ 7

    Final step. You should have 2 slices of bread with avocado mixture on it. Place on top of it the 3 sliced eggs and a nice amount of spinach mixed with the balsamic vinegar,add on top the salmon, then finally place the last slice of bread with feta on it. Pressed the two sandwich in a firm move.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Sandwich Salmon


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