Poached quince with mascarpone and hazelnut crunch

Poached quince with mascarpone and hazelnut crunch

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Hanna Reder

Hanna Reder

Test Kitchen Manager and Chef at Kitchen Stories

"This recipe for dessert was created by Christian and me during a video challenge to create an impromptu 3-course-dinner, taking inspiration from ingredients given to us. Head to our Youtube channel to watch the video! This easy, but very ‘cheffy’ dessert recipe shows you how you can elevate everyday ingredients, just like a chef, and create something completely restaurant-worthy."
Easy 👌
40 min
15 min
0 min


125 g
mascarpone cheese
60 g
50 ml
white wine
star anise
2 sprigs
15 g
½ sheet
puff pastry sheet
vanilla bean
confectioner’s sugar (for dusting)


knife, cutting board, peeler, pot, cooking spoon, frying pan, food processor, baking sheet, parchment paper, oven, bowl, whisk

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Nutrition per serving

Fat60 g
Protein10 g
Carb75 g
  • Step 1/ 4

    • 1 quince
    • 40 g sugar
    • 50 ml white wine
    • ½ star anise
    • 1 sprigs rosemary
    • knife
    • cutting board
    • peeler

    Peel and core quinces, then dice into bite-sized pieces. To make the poached quinces: Add two-thirds of the sugar to a pot over medium-high heat and let melt into a caramel, tilting the pot as needed. Then add white wine, star anise, some rosemary, and cover with quinces. Lower heat and let simmer for 20 min. until the quinces are cooked.

  • Step 2/ 4

    • 15 g sugar
    • 1 sprigs rosemary
    • 1 tbsp butter
    • pot
    • cooking spoon
    • frying pan

    To make the caramelized rosemary garnish, first add remaining sugar to a pan over medium-high heat. Let caramelize, then stir in two-thirds of the butter, reduce heat, add plucked rosemary leaves and swirl the pan until they are coated. Cook for 30 sec. – 1 min. Then remove, place on a plate, and let cool.

  • Step 3/ 4

    • 15 g hazelnuts
    • ½ sheet puff pastry sheet
    • ½ tbsp butter
    • confectioner’s sugar (for dusting)
    • food processor
    • baking sheet
    • parchment paper
    • oven

    To make the hazelnut crunch, roast hazelnuts and use a food processor to pulse into a sandy mixture. Roll out puff pastry onto a lined baking sheet. Baste with melted butter. Sprinkle hazelnuts on top. Dust well with powdered sugar. Bake at 160°C/320°F, approx. 15 min. until browned and crispy.

  • Step 4/ 4

    • 125 g mascarpone cheese
    • ½ vanilla bean
    • bowl
    • whisk

    To make the mascarpone cream, Add mascarpone, scraped vanilla bean, and some quince syrup to taste, to sweeten the mixture, and whisk well until airy. Place in the fridge to stay cool. To plate, add some mascarpone cream to a bowl, top with some quinces. Break pastry into shards and poke into the cream so they stand up at different angles. Enjoy!

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Poached quince with mascarpone and hazelnut crunch


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