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Oat Brownies

Oat Brownies

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"This is an easy dessert with ingredients that are in our kitchen! No need for expensive utensils or ingredients. You can also get creative and add nuts you like or garnish it with any sauces you prefer! Using the oats adds a chewy flavor and leaves you fuller so its kind of a healthy dessert minus the butter! "
Easy 👌
35 min
25 min
5 min


rolled oats
11 g
chopped pecans (for garnish)
creamy peanut butter (for garnish)
sweetened cocoa powder


microwave-safe bowl, microwave, stand mixer with whisk, spatula

  • Step 1/ 9

    • 11 g butter
    • microwave-safe bowl
    • microwave

    The first step is to melt the butter,I melt mine in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I do not want to melt it completely using heat but when i take it out and stir it,the heat melts the rest.

  • Step 2/ 9

    • water

    Prepare the mixer, add the water then the butter and mix on low speed for 30-45 seconds until it blends together.

  • Step 3/ 9

    • rolled oats
    • ¼ eggs
    • sweetened cocoa powder

    Then add the eggs and mix until blended and then in goes the oats. Blend on medium speed for about a min and then add the coco powder

  • Step 4/ 9

    • tbsp honey

    While mixing on medium speed,add the honey and mix on high speed for about 5 mins

  • Step 5/ 9

    You might need to add 1/4 cup of water again or you can substitute it with milk if you feel like the mix is too heavy

  • Step 6/ 9
    • stand mixer with whisk

    After adding all the ingredients- we should mix on medium speed for 2 mins and then on high for about 5 mins

  • Step 7/ 9

    • spatula

    You can add your choice of nuts or chocolate chips now,in my case the pecans or peanut butter and fold it in using a spoon or a spatula

  • Step 8/ 9

    In this recipe,i preheat the oven after having the batter ready and use the time till it heats up as i butter my pan and pour the mix in

  • Step 9/ 9

    After pouring the batter into a 30x30 pan with a baking sheet. Put it in the oven and set the timer for 25 mins to 150

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Oat Brownies


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