Mind Blowing Chilli Oil

Mind Blowing Chilli Oil

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"I can’t eat any Chinese dish at home without this now. You will be so thankful you made your own chilli oil at home rather than using a jarred one."
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Sichuan peppercorn
red onions
7 ml
vegetable oil
red bean paste
soy sauce
2 g
chili flakes
Chinese five-spice powder
  • Step 1/ 6

    • tbsp Sichuan peppercorn

    Roast your Sichuan peppercorns for a few minutes till they start releasing a lovey aroma. Now grind them into a powder using a blender. Keep this aside

  • Step 2/ 6

    • red onions
    • tbsp garlic

    Dice your onions and garlic. Add these to a pan with a little oil in and cook over a medium heat till onions start to brown.

  • Step 3/ 6

    Remove your onions and garlic from heat and place in your blender and blend till turn into a paste

  • Step 4/ 6

    • tbsp red bean paste
    • tbsp soy sauce
    • tbsp sugar
    • 2 g chili flakes
    • tsp Chinese five-spice powder

    Add your blended onion mixture back into your pan and over a medium heat add your red bean paste,soya sauce, sugar, salt , chilli flakes, Sichuan powder and five spice.

  • Step 5/ 6

    Cook everything in the pan few a minutes but keep stirring to avoid it sticking. After a few minutes add your oil, make sure it covers all your ingredients. Let the oil get piping hot over a high heat then reduce the heat down to low. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Stirring every few minutes to make sure it doesn’t stick.

  • Step 6/ 6

    After simmering remove from heat and place in an airtight container. It can stay in an airtight container as long as the oil covers the mixture at all times for around 18 months

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Mind Blowing Chilli Oil


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