How to julienne

How to julienne

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  • Getting Started

    Julienning vegetables is a simple but elegant restaurant-style presentation that requires only basic knife skills. The most important part of safely executing this technique is to create a secure, flat base for your vegetable to rest on while you slice; to create the base, simply slice off a thin layer of one of the vegetable's rounded sides.

  • Executing

    If you are preparing a long or large vegetable, like a carrot, you'll want to cut it at least in half for the sake of ease--when it comes to chopping and eating. From there, thinly slice the vegetable lengthwise, then cut those slices into thin strips, like matchsticks.

  • What Else Can You Julienne?

    It's easy to julienne herbs, like basil, or even crêpes. Simply stack the leaves or crêpes, then roll them up like a carpet. Slice the roll horizontally across the short end, then unfurl the leaves to sprinkle over your dish.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    How to julienne


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